Growth Mindset Hackers podcast

Growth Mindset Hackers

Sabine Oellig

Big dreams – but you’re standing in your own way? The Growth Mindset Hackers Podcast is your mental reset to rewire your brain for success. You will understand how your brain works and how you can leverage it to create habits and skills that will lead you step by step towards the life you’re meaning to live. This podcast is hosted by SaBine Oellig, a traveling multipreneur and growth mindset coach for millennial femtrepreneurs. She is absolutely passionate about coaching people to develop a growth mindset to maximize their potential and time. This podcast guides you through the complexity of different mindsets to create a vision out of your dreams and skills, so you will love the process of hard work and dedication. You will learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs and find a way to efficiently incorporate them into your realistic action step plan. Hungry for success? Let’s go! Instagram: sabine.oellig (any other social: SaBine Oellig)

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