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After 30 Years, the Iconic, Original "Spice" Lip Liner is BACK

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

We kick off the episode with a very important (and divisive) question — do you shower with the lights on or off? It had never occurred to Kirbie and Sara that people bathed in darkness, but apparently that is a thing people do. How do you see what you’re grabbing for and what about the monsters? We discuss. Then, MOB Beauty co-founders Victor Casale and Alicia Gallagher join the convo to discuss the extremely exciting news that they’re recreating the original shade of MAC Spice, the same one Victor created for the beauty brand in the late 1980s. Listen in to hear the painstaking process he went through to ensure it was the exact color as the original and get ready for the lauch of M1990 on 4/17!

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