Global Governance Futures: Imperfect Utopias or Bust podcast

28: Jennifer Sterling-Folker – Dragons Coming Home to Roost

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Dr Jennifer Sterling-Folker is the Alan R. Bennett Honors Professor in Political Science at University of Connecticut. Professor Sterling-Folker is an international relations theorist whose writing focuses on theories of international organization and global governance. In this conversation we talk about nationalism and world order, how to avoid the pitfalls of political fatalism, imagined dragons and genuine fire-breathers, and much, much more. Jennifer can be found here: We discussed: Forthcoming. ‘Unipolarity and Nationalism: The Racialized Legacies of an Anglo-Saxon Unipole.’ In: Polarity in International Relations: Past, Present, Future. 2021. ‘Forum: Thinking Theoretically in Unsettled Times: COVID-19 and Beyond.’ International Studies Review: 2006. ‘Lamarckian with a vengeance: human nature and American international relations theory.’ Journal of International Relations and Development: 2005. ‘Realist Global Governance: Revisiting Cave! hic dragones and Beyond.’ In: Contending Perspectives on Global Governance: Coherence, Contestation and World Order: Susan Strange. 1983. ‘Cave! Hic Dragones: A Critique of Regime Analysis.’ International Organization:

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