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EP 133: 12 Things to NOT DO when Flipping Cars

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

12 THINGS to NOT DO when Flipping Cars:

  1. DO NOT Project too optimistic of a selling price
  2. DO NOT Buy with your heart – buy with your head
  3. DO NOT Buy with your ego
  4. DO NOT Buy BLIND ….unless you buy CHEAP
  5. DO NOT Believe anyone! ….until they prove believable
  6. DO NOT Exaggerate your abilities – to yourself or to anyone else
  7. DO NOT Lie to your buyers
  8. DO NOT Take shortcuts that can jeopardize your buyer’s safety
  9. DO NOT Hesitate to use full disclosure. When you price it right, honesty is always in your favor
  10. DO NOT give in to buyer’s (or seller’s) sob stories
  11. DO NOT insist on making the MAXIMUM every single time. Move on to the next deal…
  12. DO NOT rely upon a giant oak tree to stop your Cadillac

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