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EP 126: Increasing Your Odds Using Social Media ...Kathi Kruse is our guest & SHE KNOWS THIS!

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Our guest in episode 126 of Flipping Genius is Kathi Kruse. Kathi is an automotive digital retail expert, social media strategist, automotive social selling trainer, dealership profitability expert, author, speaker and Founder/CEO of Kruse Control Inc. Kathi Kruse was born in the heart of Los Angeles to a family of “car people”, Kathi’s passion for business spans a 25-year automotive retail career, managing $100 million+ stores in Southern California. Kathi was our guest back in Episode 52 of Flipping Genius. Kathi Kruse is also a member AND frequent contributor to the Flipping Genius Car Flipping Forum. Kathi comes to us today with NEW information – including a digital training program – Automotive Social Media Academy. She is here today to help all of us make more money!

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