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15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Sometimes during stressful study periods, it can help to work out and get your mind off things. Campushallen is the perfect place for that. It is located right on Campus Valla and has a lot of different sporting activities to offer. Therese, Bala, and Abhijeet are members at Campushallen. In this episode we talk about all their favourite workouts and all there is to know about the facilities. 

You can find all the important information on prices, opening hours, locations, and classes on the Campushallen Website. That is also where you can sign up to become a member!

Participants: Emily Nebot Pérez (host). Therese Lindkvist (guest), Balagangadar Thilakar Arumugam (guest) and Abhijeet Anand (guest)

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