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S4E6 - Extra Pieces: Introducing LEGO DREAMZzz and Second Half 2023 Reveals

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Extra Pieces: Introducing LEGO DREAMZzz and Second Half 2023 Reveals

Happy May the 4th! Did you manage to order anything on the 1st or were you dissuaded by LEGO's website crashing, items and GWPs going out of stock rapidly or are just waiting for the Second half of 2023 sets?

It's a big episode today, and as we approach the second half of 2023, we discuss a whole raft of newly revealed and announced sets!

Creator 3-in-1: https://jaysbrickblog.com/news/lego-creator-31141-main-street-and-31142-space-roller-coaster-revealed/ The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell: https://jaysbrickblog.com/reviews/review-lego-43225-the-little-mermaid-royal-clamshell Disney Villain Icons & Disney Duos: https://jaysbrickblog.com/news/lego-disney-villains-43227-and-disney-duos-43226-revealed/ Gabby's Dollhouse: https://jaysbrickblog.com/news/lego-gabbys-dollhouse-sets-revealed-its-time-to-get-tiny/ Super Mario/Donkey Kong: https://ramblingbrick.com/2023/04/29/get-ready-to-rumble-in-the-jungle-lego-super-mario-donkey-kong-sets-revealed/ And a Look at the new theme...LEGO DREAMZzz: LEGO DreamZzz: https://ramblingbrick.com/2023/05/02/story-first-sets-later-lego-dreamzzz-revealed/

Special thanks to LEGO for providing the sets referenced in this week's episode:

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