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S4E4 - Extra Pieces: Cancelled LEGO sets, Up House, return of LEGO Indiana Jones, and new themes that make sense.

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Cancelled LEGO sets, Up House, return of LEGO Indiana Jones, and new themes that make sense.

Welcome back to another episode of Extra Pieces! In this week's episode, we cover a raft of topics, from the latest LEGO Indiana Jones sets, to cancelled sets and more.

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List of Cancelled LEGO sets: https://jaysbrickblog.com/news/77014-the-temple-of-doom-joins-an-illustrious-list-of-cancelled-lego-sets/

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Should Indiana Jones be considered to be inappropriate subject material for LEGO? If you were going to create an 800 piece set from the original trilogy, that isn’t Temple of Doom, what would you so?

If Indiana Jones is Appropriate, is there any reason we should not see James Bond LEGO sets, beyond the Aston Martin? Would they be the ultimate successor to Alpha Team/Agent/ Ultra Agents.

Special thanks to LEGO for providing the sets referenced in this week's episode:

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