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WELCOME TO ENERGY INTELLIGENCE As the leading energy information company, we understand what it takes to bring energy to the world, and we have delivered objective reporting and analysis on the sector for over 70 years. Our long history, combined with our team of experts and extensive connections, gives us an unparalleled view on what’s shaping the energy sector. In this podcast series our senior analysts and editors discuss the latest key developments across the energy transition, oil markets, LNG, geopolitical risk and competitive intelligence.

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  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Oil Markets: Winter is Coming


    Increasingly strained oil markets have multiple factors to navigate heading into the winter, including a US-Opec-plus faceoff over prices, Iran negotiations and high gas/LNG/coal prices boosting demand. Our oil markets experts discuss these variables and our outlook ahead into 2022. Hosted by: Ahbi Rajendran, Head of Global Oil/North America Research, Amena Bakr, Chief Opec Correspondent and Colby Connelly, Research Analyst  
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Global LNG: Decoding LNG Market Upheaval


    Energy Intelligence experts Ian Nathan and Michael Sultan explore the demand and supply implications of this year’s LNG market volatility. Hosted by: Ian Nathan, Director, Global LNG Research and Michael Sultan, Editor, LNG Intelligence
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

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  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Competitive Intellligence: Vicki Hollub Leadership Dialogue


    Casey Merriman, Western Hemisphere Editorial Director and Head of the Competitive Intelligence Service, interviews Vicki Hollub, President & Chief Executive Officer of Occidental at the 2021 Energy Intelligence Forum.
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Competitive Intelligence: Where the Energy Transition Goes From Here


    Oil and gas prices are at heights not seen in years as pressure on companies to ramp up their energy transition plans intensifies. We take a look at how investor priorities may be shifting in the current environment and how much leeway major operators will have in forming and executing their energy transition goals,  as we explore some of the insights from the recently completed Energy Intelligence Forum. Hosted by: Casey Merriman, Editorial Director, Western Hemisphere and Luke Johnson, Deputy Editor, Oil Daily
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Ben van Beurden, Royal Dutch Shell CEO, speaks at the Energy Intelligence Forum


    Noah Brenner, Executive Editor, Operations at Energy Intelligence, interviews Ben van Beurden, CEO at Shell during the 2021 Energy Intelligence Forum.
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Energy Transition Podcast: A preview of the Energy Intelligence Forum


    In this podcast Energy Intelligence experts Noah Brenner and Ronan Kavanagh preview the upcoming Energy Intelligence Forum and explore some of the big themes that will be addressed there. Hosted by: Ronan Kavanagh, Deputy Editor EI New Energy and Noah Brenner, Executive Editor for Operations, Energy Intelligence
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Oil Markets: Iran and Inventory Focus Heating Up


    With summer winding down, we are shifting our focus on global oil markets to Iran/JCPOA discussions and whether ongoing inventory drawdowns will sustain through year end. In our latest Oil Markets podcast, Abhi Rajendran, Oliver Klaus and Julien Mathonniere discuss our latest views on key supply and demand drivers, and our latest outlook for oil prices. Hosted by: Abhi Rajendran, Head of Global Oil Markets Research, Oliver Klaus, Dubai Bureau Chief, Julien Mathonniere, Senior Oil Markets Correspondent/Analyst
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Competitive Intelligence: How To Operate Shale Efficiently


    US shale companies have become some of the most efficient businesses in the market today, producing mountains of free cash flow and rewarding investors. Despite their unwavering commitments to capital discipline, some are even seeing their production volumes grow. Energy Intelligence experts dig in to how companies have accomplished this, what the next steps in their strategies are and how long the run of returns will last. Hosted by: Casey Merriman, Editorial Director, Western Hemisphere and Luke Johnson, Deputy Editor, Energy Intelligence Finance
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Carbon Pricing Special: Navigating Through the Fog


    Carbon pricing is gaining momentum, with a patchwork of approaches prevailing. Energy Intelligence experts epxloain some of the key things to watch in this podcast. Hosted by: Ronan Kavanagh, Deputy Editor EI New Energy and Lauren Craft, Editor EI New Energy 
  • Energy Intelligence podcast

    Global LNG: The Drivers and Obstacles to new LNG capacity


    The strength of this spring's LNG market and competition for available supply has raised questions about future supply. There is a lot of capacity under development, to say nothing of emerging provinces. What are the drivers and obstacles to new capacity, and what should we expect in terms of new projects? LNG experts, Ian Nathan and Michael Sultan share their insights in our latest podcast.  Hosted by: Ian Nathan, Director of LNG Research and Michael Sultan, Editor, LNG Intelligence 

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