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2.13 Sam and Jo's Peanut Butter Protein Balls

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Please read on for a full disclaimer/content warnings.

Welcome to the Season 2 finale of Elaine's Cooking Podcast for the soul, a post-apocalyptic cooking podcast for survivors and thrivers! Today we still have Jo, we're now joined by Courier and Sam, and we even have a little leftover peanut butter. Pretty lucky, all things considered.


We at Elaine's are so proud of the work involved, but want to be conscientious to any person in our audience whose heart and mental health has struggled in grappling with the topics and imagery of political violence.

We never figured that by the time we released the finale, a new war would be springing up & very real nuclear threat would be looming so large. I hope folks have taken the time to learn about what is happening in Ukraine & have found ways to support in whatever way possible. We’ve donated to and highly recommend more people check out Doctors Without Borders and World Central Kitchen.

I’m taking a page out of August McLaughlin’s most recent book in letting you know that you can & should be aware of how you’re feeling as you listen. Feel free to stop and walk away and ground yourself at any time if you’re feeling triggered by the sound effects.

There are explosions, pills rattling, & shell shock sound effects in these upcoming two episodes. There is coughing, a surgical procedure, and the sound of floss plocking which I created on Logic bc the real sound gives me the willies (not a trauma response but still)

I hope you tune in whenever you feel centered and up for some post apocalyptic cooking. In the words of Rosa Delgado “Despite all the destruction going on it is still a very lovely story about perseverance and wanting to do what’s right.”

Written and Directed by Allison Slice

Story by Allison Slice and Rosa Delgado

Produced by Period Podcast Network

Starring Rosa Delgado as Elaine Martínez

Raechel Wong as The Courier

Thomas Anthony Jones as Sam Gately

Judith Kargbo as Jo Meyer

Special thanks to Lauren Burwell for voicing our credits!

Find us on Instagram: @elainescooking @periodpodcastnetwork @rohzahdee

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