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Doing it for the Dharma offers a tale of inspiring humans who are following their soul’s calling. Within this series, we will be exploring the stories of those unique individuals who are living their life by following what lights them up from the inside out. It is my intention that you too, will also be inspired to dive deep, discover and follow your Dharma (your Soul calling).

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  • Doing It For The Dharma podcast

    40. Sabrina’s Story: The Healing Power of Conscious Connected Breathwork & Shamanism


    In this episode I speak with Sabrina, a passionate & free spirited breathwork guide who offers powerful healing journey * The path of self-healing * The power of breath * What happens in a breathwork journey * Hacking your nervous system * Becoming your own healer * Embracing your passion projects * Sabrinas journey with shamanism * Sabrinas journey of living full time from Germany to the Dominican Republic Find out more about Sabrina’s Story here: Follow Sabrina on IG: @The_Space_Within_You Sabrina’s website: This podcast is hosted by Maddie Lynch ‘The Vegan Yogi Traveller’ @theveganyogitraveller Join me for my Online Wild Woman New Moon Circle Thursday 4th October, to honour the sensual, emotional sign of Scorpio: To join the waiting list for my 1:1 Goddess Empowerment Mentoring, check out the details on my website:
  • Doing It For The Dharma podcast

    39. Solo Episode: My Miracle Pregnancy Discovery Story


    As an unexpected sequel to my solo episode 34. My Raw Wild Healing journey, I invite you to listen to the latest plot twist in my story.. where I discover that I am in fact actually (4 months) pregnant! I share with you my whole journey of this miracle pregnancy lila, and all of the magic and realisations that have been unfolding along the way! Check out my IG to keep up with my journey: @theveganyogitraveller Book your FREE consultation for your Goddess Empowerment 1:1 mentoring: Join us for our Ecstatic Love Weekend Retreat: Receive your FREE international transfer with Wise:
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  • Doing It For The Dharma podcast

    38. Eli's Story: Shadow Work, Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality, Moon Blood Magick & Mushroom Medicine


    Eli episode Shadow Work, Shamanism, Moon Blood Magick & Mushroom Medicine We welcome Eli back onto the show after a two-whole years apart! Eli is a practitioner of shamanism, sacred sexuality, blood magic & yoni healing. She is also a Reiki Master, a space holder and is currently studying a masters in Transpersonal Psychology. In this episode we dive into so many juicy topics such as: * The principles of a shadow work * Understanding our shadow aspects * Transpersonal psychology * Shamanism * Sacred Sexuality * Yoni eggs & their healing benefits * Conscious celibacy * Eli’s experiences with non-monogamy * Blood Magik * The power of your period * The meanings of bleeding with the moon * Taking back our female powers * How to cultivate more sisterhood in your life * Co-operation over competition * Eli’s decision to leave her full time career & move country * Working with healing mushroom medicine Connect with Eli on IG: @healersofearth Find her offerings on her website: Join me for a Wild Woman Full Moon Sister Circle on Tuesday 21st September to honour the Full Moon in Pisces: Ecstatic Love Weekend Retreat in the Cabarete, Dominican Republic: Work with me 1:1 for my Goddess Empowerment Spiritual Mentoring: Connect with your host: Maddie Lynch Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Website:
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    37. Louisa's Story: Vipassana, Trusting your Intuition, Cacao Magic & Honouring The Divine Feminine


    We welcome back Yoga Teacher, Healer & Conscious Creator, Louisa Fenn @yogalouisa onto the Doing it for the Dharma Podcast! Before you listen to this episode, make yourself a warm cup of cacao to join us for our mini cacao ceremony! Check out Louisa’s offerings: We dive into so many powerful topics such as: * Trusting your intuition * Connecting to the divine feminine * Lou’s Vipassana experiences * How to find a Vipasanna course * How to remain equanimous * Cacao medicine wisdom * Guided cacao ceremony * Lou’s Retreat Project in Spain * The dance of Shiva and Shakti * The three stages of communication * Non-violent communication * Communicating without fear * Cultivating a healthy divine masculine * Lous pilgrimage back to her roots * Lous journey into Herbalism * Choosing love over fear * Invoking a new birthday tradition Recommended: * Siddhartha by Hermann Hasse * The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida * Vipasana retreats: * Non-violent Communication: Your Podcast Host: Maddie Lynch Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Website:
  • Doing It For The Dharma podcast

    36. How to Discover your Life Purpose (Solo Episode)


    In this episode I answer some of the beautiful questions you left on my IG story @theveganyogitraveller I dive into the topic of dharma (our life purpose), and how we can discover ways of tapping into our truth! I invite you to join me for my online New Moon in Virgo Sister Circle this Monday September 6th: I have one space open for my Goddess Empowerment Mentoring 12-Week Program, organise your free consultation here: Recommended Book: Discover your Dharma by Sahara Rose Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Website:
  • Doing It For The Dharma podcast

    35. Nina's Story: The Healing Power of Gratitude, Spirit Guides & Reiki


    Here is my interview with the beautiful Nina, who owns My Gratitude Box. Nina is a powerful Reiki Master, a wonderful mother and gratitude connoisseur. She has so much wisdom to share and offer on the power of gratitude, connecting to spirit guides and so much more: * Growing up in an alternative family * Life as a world traveller * Raising conscious children * The healing power of gratitude * How gratitude can heal relationships * The scientific benefits of gratitude * The spiritual benefits of a regular gratitude practice * Starting a gratitude company * How to connect to your spirit guides * The healing power of reiki * What you can expect from a reiki level 1 course My Gratitude Box: Nina’s personal IG:
  • Doing It For The Dharma podcast

    34. Solo Episode: My Raw Deep Healing Journey (with Ayahuasca, Kambo, Fasting, Herbalism & More)


    In this solo episode, I get real, raw & vulnerable about a certain event that took place and shook up my internal world for a while. It led me on this beautiful inner healing journey for my body, mind and soul. Some of the topics I share are about: * My second and third meetings with Mother Ayahuasca * Becoming the Mother of the Universe * Healing my relationship with the Masculine energy * My kambo medicine experiences * My solo retreat in the mountains * Learning to trust my body again * My experiences with mushroom medicine * Fasting to heal my body * Deepening my relationship with my beloved * Exploring the path of herbalism * Surrendering to this new healing path If you enjoyed this episode, you can keep up with more of my journey on IG: @theveganyogitraveller I have one more space open for my Goddess Empowerment Spiritual Mentoring Program: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Website:
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    33. Alecia’s Story: CEO Vibes to Hippy Life, Embodying Freedom, Sustainability & Healthy Boundaries


    In this powerful episode, Alecia shares with us her story of being caught up in the corporate rat race in London. To breaking free of those societal chains, to live a more conscious and aligned life of freedom in Australia. Alicia shares some powerful tools to be used in the realms of non-violent communication & boundary setting; and other powerful topics such as: * Embodying freedom * Escaping addictions * Corporate burn out * The power of the ripple effect * The trace method * Environmental awareness * Overcoming co-dependency * Non-violent communication * Letting go of judgment * Creating healthy boundaries * Sacred nudity * Lessons from mushroom medicine * Manifestation journey * Reclaiming the word God * The importance of self study Recommended books: * Vagina * The artists way * Caste: The origins of our discontents * Dark Emu * The energy of Money * The essential yoga sutra * The four agreements * Gaia: a new look at life on earth * A return to love * Sapiens * The top five refrets of the dying * A New Earth Recommended Documentaries: * David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet * Time: The Kalief Browder Story * Dominion * 13th * Plastic Ocean * Game changers * Cowspiracy * Fantastic Fungi Goddess Spiritual Mentoring with Maddie: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Website:
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    32. Solo Episode: Surrendering to the Flow State, Life in the Caribbean & Trusting Love


    Welcome to my first episode back since having moved to the Dominican Republic to be with my beloved. In this episode I share with you some of the adventures that I’ve been up to since living here, and how trust and faith in Spirit led me here. I hope you enjoy this short & sweet episode, I look forward to bringing you more soon! Sign up to Workaway and receive 1 month for free: I have 2 spots open for my 1:1 Goddess Mentoring. For more information and to arrange a free consultation, check out my website:
  • Doing It For The Dharma podcast

    31. Carmela’s Story: Tantric Living, Sacred Union & Balancing our Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy


    Here is my interview with beautiful Goddess Carmela, who combines her studies in the ancient Vedic wisdom sciences - Yoga, Ayurveda and traditional Tantra with her love and passion for embodiment, dance, women’s work and expression. Carmela works with people through 1:1 mentoring, Yoga & meditation, Retreats, womens Ecstatic Dance, bodywork and massage. In this educational episode Carmela shares so much sacred wisdom with us in the realms of Tantra, Sadhana practices, Sacred Union and so many other amazing topics such as: * The power of having a sadhana (spiritual practice) * Creating connection to your body * The divine feminine expression * The power of sisterhood * Traditional tantra vs neo tantra * The alchemical process of tantra * Shiva & Shakti explained * The sacred masculine and sacred feminine explained * Sacred union explained * Samskaras is explained * How to balance your masculine & feminine energies * Releasing shame & fear * The power of dance & embodiment * How to experience sacred union within your partnership * Carmela’s twin flame story and how she met the love of her life (now husband) * Carmela’s spoken word poetry * Carmela’s sacred training in Guatemala * Astral travel & lucid dreaming * The power of grounding & embodiment * Carmela’s long term dharmic vision Recommended Tantra Author: David Deida Carmela’s training in Guatemala: You can connect with Carmela through: Website: Instagram: @Carmela_King_ @primalnaturehealing Facebook: Keep up to date with my personal offerings and journey at: Instagram: @TheVeganYogiTraveller Website:

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