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The Songs of The Muppets

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

IT'S TIME TO PLAY THE MUSIC...'s time to light the lights. It's time to meet the Muppets on the 2011 sort of reboot with the imaginative title, The Muppets, tonight. A good fuzzy handful of songs of varying degrees of quality: "Life's a Happy Song", "Pictures In My Head", "Me Party", "Let's Talk About Me" and "Man or Muppet". Dietrich wants better representation in the Disney parks, Alex is still a little rusty and Ben has been sufficiently whelmed.

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00:01:18 - What Have We Been Watching
00:06:38 - History
00:10:21 - Movie Discussion
00:15:52 - Box Office & Reception
00:23:16 - Soundtrack Issues
00:25:31 - "Life's a Happy Song" Discussion
00:31:20 - "Pictures in my Head" Discussion
00:35:49 - "Me Party" Discussion
00:38:17 - "Let's Talk About Me" Discussion
00:42:09 - "Man or Muppet" Discussion
00:51:42 - Top 5
00:55:31 - Best Song?

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