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The Songs of Lady and the Tramp

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15 Sekunden vorwärts


2023 is here and, finally, so is That Song From That Movie. To kickstart the new year we are taking the next step of our Disney marathon with Lady and the Tramp. Songs covered this episode: "Bella Notte", "La La Lu", "What is a Baby?", "He's a Tramp" and the infamous "We Are Siamese". Dietrich resolves the head vs heart conundrum, Alex promises Crossroads and Ben quizzes everyone on their favourite pasta.

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02:47 - What Have We Been Watching
06:35 - History
09:14 - Movie Discussion
19:46 - Peggy Lee and the Margarita
22:44 - "La La Lu" and "What is a Baby?" Discussion
28:52 - "We Are Siamese" Discussion
37:53 - "Bella Notte" Discussion
46:18 - "He's a Tramp" Discussion
51:48 - Top 5
53:35 - Best Song?

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