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You ask what does dear sister means to me? well, we are a sisterhood that supports kinship throughout every aspect . Dear sister is a phenomenal platform dedicated to women who share similar mindsets . its a place of belongingness and acceptance.

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    Moving On


    Moving on can be hard but once you make the decision, you will see how you create a path for so many new and exciting things to enter your life that would never have happened if you didn’t make a change and move on! In this episode of dear sista, I will be explaining how I deal with moving on and giving some advice on how to move on! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook catch our daily quotes     
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    Hi, Sista on this week's episode we will be talking about manifestation. I wanted to address how I feel about manifestation and My personal experience on how to manifest the things I want out of my life. Manifestation is a big part of me and how I cop with my dreams so check out his week episode and stay tuned for more . follow me on social media  Instagram : Twitter : also check out my latest video on youtube :
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  • Dear Sista podcast

    Dear Sista , Who Are You ?


    In this episode of dear sista, we will be talking about who are we and where we came from.  Dear sister started off as an idea and talks with my real sista about starting up this podcast tune in on this episode so you can hear about our journey and where we came from. Video Sponsorship by  @shop.nefsvanity  Please Follow and Shop Using Code :London15
  • Dear Sista podcast

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