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The DAV Podcast sheds light on important topics and challenges facing America’s veterans while also sharing the stories of veterans whom have been impacted by DAV (Disabled American Veterans) through its mission of fulfilling our promises to the men and women that served.

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  • DAV Podcast podcast

    9/11: Honoring Those We Lost


    In our bonus podcast episode, we talk with Marine veteran and DAV member, John Bernard. John's son, Josh Bernard, was killed in Afghanistan on August 14, 2009--exactly 12 years prior to the US evacuation from the country. John gave his recollections of 9/11 and thoughts on what Josh's service means in the great context of the war and the current situation in Afghanistan. 
  • DAV Podcast podcast

    20 Years of Remembrance


    In Episode 18 of the DAV Podcast, we reflect back on September 11 20 years later and what the day meant to so many, including many of those that served.
  • DAV Podcast podcast

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  • DAV Podcast podcast

    The Minority Veteran Experience


    In the latest episode of the DAV Podcast, we take a deeper look at the minority veteran experience by talking with the Executive Director of the Minority Veterans of America, Lindsay Church, and Danica Gonzalves, the Program Director for the Veterans Consortium Discharge Upgrade Program.
  • DAV Podcast podcast

    When Disaster Strikes


    DAV helps over 1 million veterans and their families every year and part of that help includes a disaster relief fund. In Episode 16 of the DAV Podcast we take a closer look at how the program works and the veterans it helps.
  • DAV Podcast podcast

    DAV’s Charitable Service Trust


    The DAV Charitable Service Trust was formed in 1986 to advance programs and services that cater to our nation’s veterans as well as their caregivers and families. By supporting the work of the charitable organizations that offer these services, the Trust plays an essential role in ensuring that America fulfills its promises to those that served. In Episode 15 of the DAV Podcast we take a deeper look at its impact.
  • DAV Podcast podcast

    Suicide by Lethal Means


    Suicide prevention is one of the most pressing issues facing the veteran community today. In light of the ongoing pandemic and the social isolation so many are facing, it’s more critical than ever that we’re continuing to have the difficult conversations and look for ways to address the motivating factors of suicide. We take a deeper look at this very important topic in the latest DAV Podcast.
  • DAV Podcast podcast

    COVID-19 Impact on Veteran Employment


    So many Americans have struggled with employment during the COVID-19 pandemic and veterans have definitely been impacted heavily. In Episode 13 of the DAV Podcast we discuss a new entrepreneurship program available for veterans and their families and learn about DAV’s virtual job fairs and more.
  • DAV Podcast podcast

    Ending Sexual Harassment at the VA


    White Ribbon VA is a national call to action that's aim is to eliminate sexual harassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence in VA health care settings and to promote a positive change in the culture that would allow actions from the pledge to become the norm. In Episode 12 of the DAV Podcast we take a deeper look at this topic and more.
  • DAV Podcast podcast

    Getting to Know Robert Marx


    As DAV turns 100, we take a look back at where it began with an in-depth look at the life of our founder, World War I veteran and Judge Robert S. Marx in Episode 11 of the DAV Podcast.
  • DAV Podcast podcast

    Navigating Through a Changing Economy


    Our nation’s economy and employment rates have been turned upside down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Episode 10 of the DAV Podcast we look at how this has impacted America’s veterans and share some helpful information for those that have served.

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