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How are two companies in Sao Paulo and Cambridge tackling climate change in Brazil?

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Brazil is a vast country with 16% of the world’s fresh water and home to most of the Amazon Rainforest – often referred to as the lungs of the planet. But the frontline of the climate crisis in Brazil is not only protecting its forests, important of course as they are.

The fight is also being fought in Brazil’s cities. Like Sao Paulo - the 4th largest city in the world. In fact, Sao Paulo isn’t just a city. It’s a state that’s home to around 20% of the Brazilian population. 

In this episode, we visit Brazil to hear about the innovation economy from the President of Invest Sao Paulo, Gustavo Junquiera. And we hear how a company in Sao Paulo, and a company in Cambridge, here in the UK, are tackling climate change together. Dr. Thomas Martin, Founder of MeteoIA and Dr. Jessica Ocampos-Colina, Founder of CamNexus are using artificial intelligence and sensing technology to anticipate and plan for climate-related challenges in Sao Paulo’s water supply and distribution network.

Their collaboration has been made possible by the Catapult’s Latin America Net Zero Challenges project, which is being delivered in partnership with Invest Sao Paulo and IdeiaGov, and with the support of the UK Government’s Science & Innovation Network.

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