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Comic Books Are Burning In Hell

Tucker Stone

The only podcast about comic books on the internet, with Joe McCulloch, Chris Mautner, Matt Seneca and Tucker Stone.

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  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Our Favorite 2021 Comics


    Chris, Matt, Joe & Tucker get together to talk about some of the comics that hit them the hardest this year. Less a back and forth, more a roundtable ramble: no list is coming, you'll have to listen to find out more!
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Batman: The Jungle Cat-Queen


    Welcome back to Batman Books Are Burning In Hell, where this episode Tucker and Matt are joined by special guest star and master cartoonist Anya Davidson! Anya's work sometimes seems to encompass the whole history of American comics, harnessing the raw current of energy tapped by everyone from George Herriman to Jack Kirby to Fort Thunder - but it's also a world of its very own, its artist dancing in perfect counterpoint to a music only she can hear. Books like School Spirits, Band For Life, and Lovers in the Garden are as notable for their expert markmaking and perfectly composed sequences as they are for their rare level of commitment to building characters and the big heart beating underneath their skin. They're also vvery vveird stuff, so we are absolutely gassed to present a conversation about one of the all-time best Bizarre Batman Comics: The Jungle Cat-Queen (1954), by the legendary Dick Sprang, with writer Edmond Hamilton and inker Charles Paris, as presented in Detective Comics #211. This is the stuff that dreams are made of - LISTEN UP
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

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  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Batman: Murder In The Night


    Welcome once again to Batman Books Are Burning In Hell, this week featuring special guest sta- hey wait a second, how'd he get in here? Chris Mautner? It's Chris Mautner, people! If you've literally never listened to an episode of our eleven year old comic book podcast before, Chris boasts a top-5 resume as a comics critic, with a portfolio of work for The Comics Journal, [email protected], Robot 6, The Smart Set, and probably ten or twelve other publications I'm forgetting. He's also 1/4th of Comic Books Are Burning In Hell, and a big nerd who really took this show's bit between his teeth and made us talk about some completely random comic I'd never heard of. So here we go with more discourse than you ever imagined could exist about Murder in the Night, as presented in Detective Comics #481-482 by Jim Starlin and P. Craig Russell! Reach between your legs and hold on tight!
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Spending Sundays In My Cage


    It's time to get back to the classics of Comic Books Are Burning In Hell: a look at a new one from Olivier Schrauwen (that new one would be Sunday 3/4, from Colorama) and an old one from Martin Vaughn-James (that old one would be The Cage, from Coach House Books). But first: did you hear that one about the time the guy googled a religion the night before his paper was due? There's a comic book version of that. DC published it!
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Batman: Venom


    Welcome to Episode 2 of Batman Books are Burning in Hell, in which regular hosts Tucker Stone and Matt Seneca are joined by Benjamin Marra for a discussion of Batman: Venom! If Marra needs an introduction you're living wrong - the cartoonist behind Night Business, Terror Assaulter O.M.W.O.T., American Blood and What We Mean By Yesterday is one of the most accomplished artists currently making comics, full stop. Marra's works are vital entries in the category of American pulp, embracing his medium's history of disrepute while avoiding nostalgia with their purity of execution and commitment to extremity. Venom, published in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #16-20 (1991), is Denny O'Neil, Trevor Von Eeden, Russ Braun, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez's epic saga of a Batman whose commitment to workout gains ends in tragedy, madness, and punching a great white shark in the face. LISTEN UP!
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Duke Togo & Dan Didio


    We start off with a random survey of each other's memories to determine who has that diesel, then it's time to go to church and mourn the passing of an O.G. killer, TAKAO SAITŌ. After that, we put Chris in the hot seat to figure out why he needed to read every single issue of 52 to decide whether or not he should keep the issues or take them outside to his nearest dumpster, which resulted in evern more memorializing. Where's Matt Seneca? He's busy! 
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Batman: Prey


    Get ready to dive straight towards your nearest 90s longbox! Matt and Tucker are taking the reins and talking Batman. In this installment of a Very Special Takeover Cast, the tale on offer is "Prey", from Paul Gulacy & Doug Moench. Over at The Factual Opinion, you'll find extensive show notes and images from the work in question from Matt Seneca. Keep your ears peeled, right down to the blood splattered bone, for more BatCasts To Come.
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Snapper Carr Vs. Rick Jones


    Rumor control? Here are the facts! 1) Chris read every single issue of Rom, The Space Knight...but nobody asked him too! 2) Tucker read all of the Eternals...but Joe doesn't believe him! 3) This podcast is actually all about what Jack Kirby and Steve Dikto really wanted to do...and more! Get in where you fit in, and if you can't find that place, make that place! Make it your own! We're there, and our arms are outstretched. Podcast!
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Garth! Fujimoto! TIM TRUMAN???


    While most of the comics we talk about on this one are new, this is as classic an episode of Comic Books Are Burning In Hell as it gets: there's Garth Ennis comics, a recap of Peter Milligan's decisions, Joe checking in on some up-to-the-minute new manga from Tatsuki Fujimoto, huge technical problems, Tucker losing his temper with Chris, Matt talking about the Punisher, and then they still find time to talk about the 80s DC supercreeps of Hawkworld. Get it on!
  • Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast

    Won't Someone Think Of The Children (Of Mu-Town)


    It's time to dive into some of the most politically prescient manga now available in English to the discerning reader: Masumura Jūshichi's Children of Mu-Town, published by Glacier Bay. What will the onslaught of takes result in: consensus, or all out war? There's only one way to find out, and if you haven't figured that part out yet, then I think we all know why you're still reading this description. Suit up!

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