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Exploring the Convergence of AI and Blockchain for Predictive Power with Jordan Miller – The Satori Network Vision | S4 E06

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Jordan Miller is the mind behind Satori Network, a groundbreaking project that merges AI with blockchain to predict the future. His journey spans from philosophy and information systems to the forefront of crypto AI, offering a unique glimpse into the power of decentralized technology.

In our conversation, we explore how Satori Network aims to create a decentralized AI solution focused on time and future prediction, leveraging the interconnectedness of all things in time to improve predictions across the network.

  • The philosophy behind Satori Network and how Jordan's background in philosophy and information systems influenced its inception
  • How Satori Network implements principles inspired by the human brain, such as repeating neural circuits, unique redundancy, and hierarchical structures
  • The importance of decentralizing AI to distribute its power and ensure diverse perspectives
  • Satori Network's approach to using raw data and the actual future as the error metric, rather than curated datasets, to avoid biases and propaganda
  • Jordan's vision for Satori Network's development, including a public good phase focused on broad predictions and a private prediction marketplace for individual data streams
  • The potential for Satori Network's future predictions to aid decision-making and help societies adapt more quickly to emerging challenges
  • How users can download and run Satori Network on their machines, contributing to the network's growth and accuracy

This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on March 26, 2024. Read the blog article and show notes here: https://webdrie.net/exploring-the-convergence-of-ai-and-blockchain-for-predictive-power-with-jordan-miller-the-satori-network-vision/

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