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November expectations

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this CIO Weekly Investment Outlook podcast recorded on Friday, October 28, Stefanie Holtze-Jen, Chief Investment Officer in the Asia Pacific for Deutsche Bank’s Private Bank, outlines her expectations for the month of November, a month heavy with central bank meetings, data and political events.

Following last week’s ECB decision to raise rates 75bps, more central bank activity is due this week, with the Federal Reserve meeting on Thursday ahead of Non Farm Payrolls data on Friday. Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of Australia are also meeting. Stefanie then points to US mid-terms on November 8, and meetings that are key from a geopolitical perspective taking place in Asia, beginning with the G20 in Bali on November 15.

Stefanie notes the diplomacy at play with these multilateral meetings:

“In Asia, the act of “showing up” is just as important as the actual dialogue”.

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