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Season One, Episode Seven - "Digging Up The Past"

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Season One, Episode Seven - "Digging Up The Past" Written by S.H. Cooper In which Mrs. and Mr. Morwood discuss the sanctity of marriage, Gloria and Montgomery get even closer, and Bridgette just wants to dance.   Performed by: Kate Siegel as the Narrator S.H. Cooper as Bridgette Milsen Gemma Amor as Gloria Smith Allison Brandt as Cassie Waters Victoria Juan as Mariela Williams Desdymona Howard as Annabelle Crowe Charlotte Norup as Nadia Olsen Dan Zappulla as Phineas Daws Owen McCuen as Father Montgomery Erin B Lillis as Mrs. Morwood David Cummings as Mr. Morwood Kristina Manente as Marilyn Holly Ritchie as Patricia Child Voices by Nichole Goodnight and Sarah Ruth Thomas And featuring Graham Rowat as our demon overlord Lialga   Audio Design and Production by Kristina Manente and David Cummings Main theme by Brandon Boone Musical Scoring by Amy Balcomb Episode Artwork by Desdymona Howard Executive Producers: David Cummings & Alex Aldea Community Manager: Brooks Bigley CLICK HERE FOR FULL TRANSCRIPT OF EPISODE SEVEN   Like the Calling Darkness Podcast fan page on Facebook for more details. Join the Calling Darkness Podcast Coven fan group on Facebook and hang out with the girls! Follow Calling Darkness on Twitter for the latest demonic chat. ©2019 Audio Drama Queens

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