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Blechgedanken Episode 17 - Jeff Schneider - What's going on in the canadian vespacommunity

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

I had made a lot of marvelous experience in the Vespascene during the last 12 years. So I started this podcast to collect all this different styles and all the very interesting stories of other Vespa drivers to show how wide our scene is.So in this episode I start with the first international podcast. I had a marvelous talk with Jeff Schneider, the president from the Vespa-Club Canada.I first meet Jeff and his wife at the Vespa World Days in Celle. Cause I and Martin from the Vespa-Club Hannover support them with two of our own scooters so they could take part of the VespaWorldDays in Celle on two wheels. Since then, we are in a very good friendship. I had looking forward to go to Canada the next year to the Vespa WorldDays. What's about this event at the moment - you will hear inside this episode!We had a marvelous interview at the beginning of June. We talk about what's up in the Canadian Vespa community right now and in the last few years. We talk about how he got into the Vespascene and why he loved Italy and the way of life. Jeff told me which Vespadays was his first one and why he spent so much energie, time and also money to bring the VespaWorldDays to Canada in the future. Also he gives us an outlook on why it couldn`t happen in 2020.For now, what were the difficulties and we learn what Vespamodells he and his wife Julie ride at the moment and on which they started their Vespajourney. He gives us an insight into how it used to be in the Vespascene in Canada and in the early days and it is how it's now today. If there are any difference between the scene in Europe and Canada. What about the insurance for scooters in Canada, why it's so expensive and so on.Jeff brought one of his own Vespas to Europe last year because he wanted to join the European Vespadays in Portugal last year. He talked about his journeys through Europe and what he learned to ride a the modern Vespa in Paris and the highways. At the end we learn more which tours he will be planned for the future.

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