Marm ni vaat (Gujarati) - Bhagvat Puran - Devi Bhagvat podcast

Marm ni vaat (Gujarati) - Bhagvat Puran - Devi Bhagvat

Paurav Shukla

This is a podcast about various purans (in Gujarati), that promote bhakti (devotion) to Krishna. It captures the essence of Vedas and knowledge within, in a manner that is easy to understand for everyone at any level of spirituality. This started as a wish from my mother asking me to read and interpret Bhagvat Puran through the lens of my own experiences in life. My recommendation: please listen to only one episode at a time and then reflect. Don't rush through it, neither you will miss the 'marm ni vaat'. Do subscribe to get weekly updates. Reach out to me at pauravshukla at

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