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#119 Fish: A Multivitamin for Your Brain after WLS

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Feeling a little down, maybe even depressed since your bariatric surgery? Did you know that depression and anxiety are the most common mental health conditions in the world? What you choose to eat is more important than ever after surgery if you’re dealing with these feelings. Why? Because certain foods, like fish, can help. Let’s talk about fish as a brain multivitamin for mental health.

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What happens when you’re feeling depressed or anxious? Do you find that some of the things you always do for your self care particularly prepping and eating nutrition-packed foods kinda gets kicked to the curb? If you’re dealing with depression, what you choose to eat influences your mental health. And research has shown that seafood is brain food. What does this mean? Those feelings of anxiety and stress can be eased by regular consumption of fish.

Today, I’m focusing on fish which is bariatric-friendly because of the evidence-based research pointing to benefits. Research indicates that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can reduce risk of depression along with arthritis and dementia.


How often and how much fish to eat

What are omega-3 fats?


Fish as a brain multivitamin

Which fish are rich in omega-3s

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