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#114 5 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep after Bariatric Surgery

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Do you sleep well? How many hours a night do you average? Five or less? Seven or more? Can getting the sleep your body craves keep you from feeling hungry? Could a good night’s sleep even affect your weight or and that dreaded weight regain after surgery? I have five benefits of a good night’s sleep to share that you don’t want to miss. You’re going to like them.

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If you’re a short sleeper, you’re averaging five hours or less a night. This sleep pattern is tied to increased hunger and weight gain. Totally opposite of what happens when you sleep 7-9 hours a night.

I'll talk about these five benefits to your body after surgery of a good night’s sleep…I’m talking 7 or more hours:

  1. Sleep improves food restraint
  2. Sleep improves control over hunger and affects certain hormones
  3. Sleep improves control over portion sizes
  4. More sleep means fewer eating occasions
  5. Sleep fights stress and stress eating

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