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Better Work Bitch!

Esoteric Esa

The podcast for Manifestors who realize that we are the creators of our reality. Who understand that life just doesn't happen to us. Instead, we make sh*t happen! Through every thought, every action, every intention - You Better Work, B*tch!

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  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Your Intuition Led You Here FT. @houseofintuition


    Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas, owners of House of Intuition, join us to discuss their book, Your Intuition Led You Here, now on sale. Their book features 32 rituals and magic 101 for the alchemist of any level. Listen in to learn more about these two incredible entrepreneurs!  Visit their website:  Purchase their book: Support House of Intuition on Social Media: Instagram Book a session with Esoteric Esa:
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep12 - The Coochie Witch (Vaginal Steaming and Vaginal Health Awareness)


    In this episode we discuss reclaiming our bodies as women and people who bleed. The importance of healing any stigma or guilt around our Yoni/Vagina and discuss openly what Coochie magick is with Erlinda, The Coochie Witch. Learn more about Erlinda and her services at: connect with her on IG @girlgangsteaming   book a reading with me at  Join our Patreon 
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

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  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep11 - Storytelling is Our Magic #HispanicHeritageMonth


    Growing up I was the writer of the family. Given the official role at a  young age. I wrote checks, wrote family or holiday cards, in charge of proofreading and drafting written communications on behalf of my family unit. But, I hit an identity crisis at the age of 23 when one of my first bosses told me I shouldn't write. My writing sucked. How did I overcome that pain to now be a professional writer? Tune in! 
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep10 - Shamanic Power Animals FT. Don José Ruiz


    Don Jose Ruiz, son of Shaman Don Miguel Ruiz, joins us to discuss his latest book, "Shamanic Power Animals." We also discuss how to connect with Mother Earth, how to honor our bodies and work with animals, our non-human friends. Purchase Don Jose's latest book and any others from the legendary Ruiz family at Get a copy of his previous books:   Connect with Don Jose Ruiz on Instgram: Don Jose Ruiz (@donjoseruiz) • Instagram photos and videos   Connect with me: Book a reading with me: Instagram: Twitter: 
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep9 - Manifestation Magic FT. @elhoimLeafar


    Curious about the buzzword Manifestation? Trying to understand Magic on a more intimate level? Ready to step into the power of your thoughts, words and create beautiful ritual work? Elhoim shares his latest book, Manifestation Magic, which goes in-depth about spell work and how to become a strong Manifestor! We discuss his immigration to America and how he is now an Author of several Books! Book A Service with Elhoim: Support his writing by purchasing Manifestation Magic and leave a review! Reviews help Authors. Book: Follow Elhoim: Connect on Twitter:
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep8 - Animal Medicine FT. Erika Buenaflor


      Purchase Erika's books: RSVP free event:  Connect w Erika:   Join my Patreon: Let's work together:  Connect with me: 
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep7 - Manifesting a Life that Loves You Back FT. Hay House Author Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig


    Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig is a certified life coach from the Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada who focuses on non-profit coaching thru her Chica Catalyst program to help Latinas intentionally manifest a life loves them back! She is a Hay House Author of the book, "Chica, Why Not?" In this episode Sandra shares 6 steps written in her book to manifest along with sharing her personal story of overcoming physical and emotional abuse in her life.  Find her on Facebook @coachsandrahonojosaludwig  Book a reading with me Find me on Patreon 
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep6 - American Brujeria FT. J. Allen Cross


    We discuss what it's like to feel "in-between" as someone who might be biracial or 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Latinx American and the significance of owning your crossroads of heritage and how that adds to your personal alchemy. J. Allen Cross is an Author and joins me to discuss that and so many other important highlights in his book, American Brujeria, that helps us dissect what it's like to practice Modern Mexican American Folk Magic according to him! Get your copy of American Brujeria by J. Allen Cross: or Connect with J. Allen online! IG: @oregon_wood_witch Twitter: @witchoregon TikTok: @oregon_wood_witch Book a reading with me:   
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep5 - Grounding Your Energy FT. Cindy Rodriguez of Reclama


    Ascending and Grounding go hand-in-hand. Often times, people mention the significance of "grounding," but don't share how-to do it or resources for going about grounding methods. In this episode, Cindy Rodriguez, Earth Element Enthusiast and Expert, joins me to share simple tips to Ground your energy, amidst pandemic or no pandemic, with easy methods. We take a deep dive into the beauty of grounding in the 3D and working with the lower chakras as it relates to Spirituality and Ascension.  Connect With Cindy and Reclama: Check out Her Digital Journal: Join her Earth Day Camping Trip:   Her 17 resources to Combat Anti-Blackness:
  • Better Work Bitch! podcast

    Better Work B*tch: S7 Ep4 - You Should Legally Protect Your Business + Work, Like Yesterday!


    Taylor Tiemen joins and provides insight into how Entreprenuers and Business owners can begin to protect their Intellectual Property. Spirituality can't be Trademarked, but our work is worthy of protecting.  Seek services with Taylor at: Connect with Taylor: or Book a reading with me:  Join My Patreon:  Order The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle Deck: Download My Free 2021 Crystal Guidebook:  

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