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Want to look awesome, feel awesome, be AWESOME? Tune into my show Ben Coomber Radio, a UK #1 rated podcast and top 10 in the world. A show centred around you being the best version of yourself, where I interview the worlds best guests in health, fitness, mindset, career success, business, and personal development, as well as Q&A shows with my co-host Tom, and solo shows with just me, and the mic!

A full fat, honest, direct, evidence based, practical, insightful, (and sometimes funny) show from a 7 year podcasting veteran.

Who am I? I'm a nutritionist, award winning coach, speaker, writer, award winning supplement creator, & former obese man sharing my journey, insights, and wisdom on life. I'm also a husband, dad, multiple business owner, and life long student of living an AWESOME life.

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    #635 - ReWire Your Brain with Adele Spraggon


    We all have habits we want to change, what if you could just re-wire your brain, could it be as simple as changing how your brain patterns work now, to how you want them to work? I get renowned author Adele Spraggon onto the show to discuss the brain, how our behavioural patterns work, where they have come from, and how to change them. If you want to think differently and leave old ways behind, this show is for you. Find Adele online at
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #634 - How to Make Difficult Decisions


    Making decisions in life is important, as adults we are constantly weighing up the pros and cons of various life moves, and in this show we give you a framework, based on some simple science, of how to make better decisions. We'll discuss the framework so you can use it, then discuss the nuance so you can know when the framework fails us, and what to do next. Here's to better decision making, and thus, a better life.
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

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  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #633 - Self Sabotage with Natalie Butler


    Self sabotage is common in the pursuit of goals, and for whatever reason most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives. Be it a fear of failure, a lack of self worth, or life being so stressful and overwhelming we get caught in bad habit loops which see us take 1 step forwards and two steps backwards. Natalie Butler, a coach to stressed women, joins me to talk about her experiencing burning out, sabotaging herself, and getting caught in negative habit loops. Check out Nats online @nataliebutlercoaching
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #632 - Optimising Our Productivity


    We all look to be more productive and efficient, so what have we learnt about being more productive as fitness people, me as a business owner, and Tom as a remote worker, both to get more done in the day, fitting work and the things we love to do in? We also go down a happiness rabbit hole, discuss values based reflection, living with flexible rules, the science behind anchoring yourself to fixed ideals, my experience reading a recent book, and more.
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #631 - Mid Life Crisis with Dan Stanley


    In everyones lives there are crisis points, and for so many big life events like having kids, losing someone close to you, or experiencing a pandemic life is shifted into perspective and you hit an inflection point. Who am I, what am I doing, why aren't I happy, what's next, do I love him/her, why is life so hard, what does it mean to be a man/woman in todays world - these are all thoughts we face when big life moments rock us. I can't lie, becoming a parent in a pandemic hit me, just like Dan Stanley was hit when he had his first child. As an ex military commando he thought he had it all figured out, but FAR from it, a crisis hit, and the purpose of life, what he loved, and everything in it got thrown into turmoil. {TRIGGER WARNING} This is a deep show where Dan and I get very vulnerable about our past, and things we did. Talking helps, this is why we are talking about this very topic. Discover Dans website at: The books we reference on the show are 1. The Untethered Soul 2. Legacy by James Kerr 3. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover 4. The Five Languages of Love
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #630 - The Purpose of Fitness


    What is the purpose of fitness in our lives? We raise this question because we're told keeping fit is good for us, but what type of fitness, and how does that blend with our goals, such as losing weight or building muscle or just being as healthy as we can be? This podcast goes deep quickly, because it has too. The fitness industry is too quick to generalise terms such as 'fitness' and 'healthy', and without identifying what fitness means to each of us, and why we engage in it, we might waste a lot of time and energy doing the wrong things, for the wrong reasons. Want clarity on how fitness plays a role in your life? This podcast is for you, get a listen on...
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #629 - Is BodyBuilding Healthy with Ben Haldon


    BodyBuilding has a huge influence over the fitness industry. The very nature of it is a self-centred pursuit, and in my and Ben Haldon (my awesome guest for this show) experience it can quickly lead to body dysmorphia, eating disorders and anxiety. But, can it be healthy, can we build muscle, get lean and look badass without it taking over our lives and influencing many of our daily decisions? We think so, and today Ben and I get under the skin of the issue, looking at Ben's past experience with body building, his journey avoiding prolonged body dysmorphia and disordered eating, and how we feels he has the right balance and mindset to live and happy, healthy, fit life. This is an EPIC show for anyone that trains and is into fitness. Enjoy. Find Ben Haldon on IG @myschoolbenji The book we reference 'Brain over binge'
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #628 - The Simple Formula to Success


    To be more successful with anything, could it simply be a case of delaying gratification? We see this in all areas of life, if we didn't eat that dessert would we have been successful with our diet, if we had stayed consistent would we have built that business, if we could just say NO more, would we be better off, long term? Let's debate this topic and explore delaying gratification to desire, emotion and want, starting with looking at The Marshmallow Experiment, because science is key!
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #627 - Avoid The Afternoon Energy Slump


    Get tired after lunch? Many of us do, but why is this, is it what we eat, what we're doing, our quality of sleep? Join us to find out as we dive into the 10 core factors that can affect how energised you are after lunch.
  • Ben Coomber Radio podcast

    #626 – Muscle Loss & Metabolism


    Does your metabolism slow down as you age? Many people say it does, but not like you think, its another cultural norm we need to challenge as the narrative is wrong. What does have a BIG influence on metabolism is muscle mass, something a lot of people into fitness want to increase. I've lost a load of muscle recently from having long covid, so this spurred the conversation around what can cause muscle loss, how to navigate it if injured or ill, how metabolism and age plays a role, and how to get our head around it all - often the biggest challenge.

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