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Ask An Artist - Taking Risks: Is it worth it?

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Running your own business is a risky business, with 20% of businesses failing in their first year and a shocking 60% failing within the first three. But making decisions and taking risks is all part of running any business, including the creative business of being an Artist. The calculation of risk is an essential skill which all artists and makers need to hone in order to forge ahead in their career. 

In this episode, Peter and Tom share examples of creative and business orientated risks that they have taken and discuss why and how taking risks can be crucial in helping you to maintain momentum in your business.  They also openly share examples of when taking risks has not worked out, why this may be and how they have used these situations to develop, learn and move forward. 

Both Tom and Peter agree that the willingness to experiment with new ideas has been the key to their business growth. They bring the episode to a conclusion by talking about less quantifiable results which may emerge from taking risks; just because something might feel like a failure at the time, you never know what may come of it in the future…

This week's takeaway... risk taking is a part of running any business and artists and makers are not alone. It is often the risk takers of the world that forge ahead, attract attention and lead the way. Just remember that not all risks are good ones and, when you fail, learn from it; pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward. 

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