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Ask An Artist - Mailing Lists

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Mailing lists – on the face of it, not the most exciting of topics but a crucial part any working, creative business and a fantastic way to stay in touch with an already keen and receptive audience. Both Peter and Tom have developed a newfound love for their mailing lists during the past couple of years and in this episode they talk about what they are, how to collect and manage one, why they can be such an amazing tool and also some of the nitty gritty of being responsible for other people’s information.

Mailing lists can be a wonderful tool for any creator. You have a receptive audience of previous buyers or students, interested parties, right at your finger tips and often they will be genuinely interested, if not actually excited to hear from you!  Not only can mailing lists be used to directly sell, you can also use them to help remind people you still exist and they are a great way to take care of those who have supported you and your career so far.

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