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Stress Management & Finding Your Running Why's - Boston Marathoners Round Table #183

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this episode of A Runner’s Life podcast, Corey, Phillip, Rob, and yours truly talk about stress management in our training, and uncover the deeper reasons behind why we run. No fluff, just real talk.

We kick off with Rob's beauty updates, a segment that's quickly become a fan favourite. But this time, he's delivering a lesson we never knew we needed.

Then, it's all about CJ's latest endeavour—the Jordan purchase before Tokyo. And of course, Phil's got his Jordans on the clutch, providing a YouTube-style review of the new Air Jordan (AJ) 3 Craft Ivory. We talk about the release of the new AJ4 Bred reimagined. Plus we give our reactions to the Olympic trials, including a shoutout to Sara Hall, we cover it all.

Ever wondered what Eliud Kipchoge would be like if he weren't the Yoda of running? And he was just an American working full time trying to qualify for the American Olympic marathon trials? We explore that, along with sharing personal experiences like Rob ending up in the medical tent after emptying the tank.

Stress management takes centre stage as Phil surprises us with an unexpectedly honest solution. We discuss how stress impacts our running and everyday lives, minus the scientific jargon.

But it's not all serious talk. Phil shares a poignant story about finding his "why" in memory of a friend, reminding us of the deeper motivations that drive us forward.

And finally, we discuss the significance of the Boston jacket—when it's appropriate wear and when it's just a flex.

This week’s episode it brought to you by PILLAR Performance. 

PILLAR is a sports micro-nutrition company, and I’m testing out a a few products in my build for the Boston and London marathon double. 

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