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Do You Feel Really Anxious When You're Hot? Let's Talk About It!

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

So often, I hear my students say that their anxiety is worse when it's hot outside. And when I hear them say this, I know exactly what they mean! Because for so long, I would do everything I could to avoid feeling hot. Whether it was a warm summer day, crowded public transportation, or sitting in a meeting at work, the heat would make me feel SO many of the uncomfortable feelings I avoided for so long (dizziness, breathlessness, racing heart).

I want to remind you, my friend, that there's nothing wrong with you for feeling anxious when you're hot. In fact, you're actually pretty normal for feeling this way! So in today's episode, I want to discuss some helpful points when it comes to heat-related anxiety...

  • Being hot doesn't mean you're in any danger
  • Heat can mimic many anxious feelings and sensations
  • Why you shouldn't worry about passing out
  • And why you CAN handle the discomfort!

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