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Anxiety Success Stories: Hannah's Journey With Panic Attacks and Being Housebound to LIVING

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Hannah is a Panic to Peace student of mine who is here to share her recovery journey with panic disorder and agoraphobia! After struggling for years with panic attacks, Hannah decided to enroll in Panic to Peace...and it changed everything! It hasn't been easy, but Hannah has already overcome so many of her biggest fears.

In today's episode, Hannah and I talk about:

-Her experience with anxiety in early childhood

-Unconsciously avoiding the symptoms and fears

-How avoidance leads to distrust in ourselves

-The moment she knew she had to make a change

-Learning how to face the fears

-The tips and tools that helped her heal

-And how my program, Panic to Peace, supported her journey

Once Hannah started betting on herself, she learned just how capable she was of recovering. And her story shows just how possible recovery is for you, too!

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