5-Minute Daf Yomi with Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld podcast

5-Minute Daf Yomi with Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld

YeshivasElimelech.org provides commentary and insight into the daily page of Talmud. Also check out our 1 minute daf: https://youtube.com/@YeshivasElimelech Sponsored by Orlo We are coming up on the end of our 7.5-year long cycle of completing the entire Daf Yomi. I will be wrapping up the podcast, but Torah is our curriculum for life and the learning will continue! Join me on YouTube @YeshivasElimelech for one-minute Daf Yomi and one-minute parsha shorts, and to watch our classes of various topics and lengths. We're here to help you enhance your life with Torah study! To learn more about Yeshivas Elimelech, visit yeshivaselimelech.org.