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Under the Yoke seeks to showcase the individuals and organizations that help inspire and enable adventure.

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  • Under the Yoke podcast

    Baird-mania numero 2 with Ted Baird talkin' survival, bushcraft, and trip inspirations


    On the second instalment of Under the Yoke's first, only, and most successful miniseries, Baaaaaaird-mainia, we are joined by Ted Baird! Ted takes us on a deep dive into his "Alone" experience while discussing his philosophy on survival. He walks us through some of his favourite trips and how he began this life of backcountry adventure. With his easy going demeanour, unbound knowledge, and drive for exploring the unexplored, it was an absolute pleasure having him on the show. We also have an interesting discussion about how YouTube and social media has had a major impact, both positively and negatively, on natural ecosystems and the outdoor community. We hope you enjoy it!   Instagram: @ted.baird YouTube: Ted Baird
  • Under the Yoke podcast

    Baird-mania with Jim Baird - whitewater paddling, backcountry fishing, and much more!


    The boys are joined by Jim Baird for a great chat on Episode 16 of Under the Yoke. While it is a topic that simply can not be ignored, Jim goes far beyond his experience winning History Channel's Season 4 of Alone with his brother. Jim explains his major take aways from that experience while giving listeners a fresh perspective on survival and bushcraft skills. This podcast is filled with great stories and advice regarding whitewater paddling, trip planning, and backcountry fishing that he has picked up along his many adventures. Jim's positive attitude, wit, and uncanny storytelling ability is sure to inspire your next backcountry adventure! We hope you like it.  YouTube: Jim Baird - Adventurer Instagram: jbadventurer
  • Under the Yoke podcast

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  • Under the Yoke podcast

    Uncle Tito Outdoors - A journey into bushcraft and the backcountry


    On Episode 15 of Under the Yoke, Uncle Tito Outdoors joins us to chat about his journey into the world of bushcraft and backcountry tripping. Uncle Tito explains some of the skills and gear that are essential for a safe and efficient backcountry experience. He also shares stories of occasions he has overcome unexpected situations by always being prepared for the worst. From educational resources, to clothing and packs, to shelter systems, to fire building, and knives - this chat had it all! We hope you all enjoy it and are staying safe.   Instagram: @uncle.tito.outdoors  
  • Under the Yoke podcast

    A life of adventure with Andrew Aderman: Canoe Guiding, Van dwelling, Treehouse Building, & much more!


    This week we have a good one for you! We’re speaking with Andrew Aderman, yes, that’s the, custom ski builder, treehouse carpenter, van dwelling, backcountry camping, Andrew Aderman! From his roots in Buffalo, New York, Andrew prides himself in exploring the backcountry, searching for new canoe roots, and developing new skills along the way. Andrew takes us though his journey from being a decade long guide in Algonquin, to his beautiful journey through the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and now dwelling in a decked out van in Denver, Colorado. We have a few great stories for you waiting in this one and hope you all enjoy! Stay safe everyone, spring is right around the corner!   Instagram:@acevan.tura Instagram: @northernforestcanoetrail
  • Under the Yoke podcast

    Filming and editing backcountry expeditions with Alex Traynor from Northern Scavenger


      This week we’re talking with Alex Traynor, numero 2 of 2, of Northern Scavenger about the content creation process and the labour of love involved from start to finish to bring their passion for the backcountry to your screen. Alex also touches on how his experience brought his career to the next level and how his curiosity and love for the outdoors continues to push him towards more adventure.    Check out their new documentary on Vimeo through the link in the description of this podcast! Hope you all enjoy!   Boreal to Barrenlands Documentary on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/crossinglabrador Website: https://www.northernscavenger.com/ YouTube: Northern Scavenger  Instagram: @northernscavenger  
  • Under the Yoke podcast

    Using the backcountry to empower youth with Gillian Burt from Project Canoe


    We are joined this week by Gillian Burt, Executive Director of Project Canoe. Project Canoe is a charitable organization that provides less fortunate youth with the opportunity to experience wilderness canoe trips in northern Ontario each summer. Founded in 1977, Project Canoe has been using the wilderness travel to instil confidence and a sense of meaning among youth for over 40 years! Gillian shares with us some fun stories of past campers, the positive and lasting affect these trips have on the youth, and some future plans that the organization has in store.   Website: https://canoe.org/ Instagram: @project.canoe Facebook: @ProjectCanoe
  • Under the Yoke podcast

    The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with Pete Marshall


    Episode 11 features Pete Marshall, the Communications Director for the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness. Pete joins us to chat about why this area should be on every canoeists bucketlist - we discuss the areas controversial history, famous canoe routes, and some of the different regions that can be found in the park. Pete also walks us through a major threat to the wilderness area, a proposed copper-sulfide mine. We dive into the the detrimental impact this mine can have on the area’s ecosystems, negatively transforming this once untouched wilderness. We hope you enjoy it!   Website: https://www.friends-bwca.org/ Instagram: @friendsbwcaw Facebook: Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
  • Under the Yoke podcast

    Portaging Mt. Everest for Mental Health with The Weight We Carry


    On Episode 10 of Under the Yoke we had the pleasure of speaking with brothers, Kyle and Tom, from The Weight We Carry. Fueled by their motivation to help individuals living in impoverished areas of the world and their burning desire for adventure, Kyle and Tom set off to each carry a canoe to the top of Mt. Everest basecamp to raise awareness towards mental health. Their objective was to raise $150,000 in an effort to construct the Women’s Mental Health Center in Kathmundu, Nepal.  This episode seeks to illuminate their trials and tribulations, as well as showcase the brother’s extreme determination and strength throughout this amazing journey to the top of the world. Although the expedition has been completed, the job is not finished - please see the attached links if you are interested in donating to the construction of the mental health care facility. We hope you enjoy our chat with these very special guys.   Also - listen in as we announce the winner of the Algonquin Outfitters Contest!   Website: https://www.theweightwecarry.com/about-us/ Instagram: @the_weight_we_carry Facebook: The Weight We Carry
  • Under the Yoke podcast

    Randy Mitson talks Algonquin Provincial Park: A wilderness for all to enjoy


    On this week’s podcast, we are joined by Randy Mitson, Director of Marketing at Algonquin Outfitters. Randy highlights all that Algonquin Provincial Park has to offer, and why it is internationally regarded as a cultural and social hub for the canoeing community. We discuss its history, its varying geographical landscapes and regions, and different types of wildlife that call the Park home. Being an enabler of the backcountry, Randy also gives us a sneak peek of some great programs Algonquin Outfitters will be introducing throughout the new year.   Furthermore, the fine folks at Algonquin Outfitters have a gracious gift to one of you special listeners. They will be giving away a $50 gift card to any Algonquin Outfitters location plus some awesome merch (total prize value approx. C$100) to a lucky person who correctly answers a few questions found throughout this episode! To win, all you need to do is accurately answer the below questions and provide your contact info – you can send us a Direct Message on Instagram with your full name and email address or email us at [email protected] ! Your name will be entered into a draw. We will be randomly selecting the winner at the beginning of the Episode 10 podcast.   Please note: This contest is open to residents of Ontario, Canada only.  Contest runs from Monday, February 3, 2020 at 12pm EST until Sunday, February 9, 2020 at 12pm EST. We will be announcing the winner on our podcast that airs on February 9th!    Question 1: What is the name of the manager of the Brent Algonquin Outfitters location? Question 2: What country is Algonquin Park nearest in size too? Question 3: How many paddles were made in the first year Algonquin Outfitters ran the canoe paddle art auction?   **Please send your answers to [email protected] with your name and contact information OR message us directly on Instagram at @undertheyoke**   Website: https://algonquinoutfitters.com/ Instagram: @algonquinoutfitters
  • Under the Yoke podcast

    A Buyer's Guide to the Perfect Paddle with Milan from Hunter & Harris


    This week we take a deep dive into the art of the canoe paddle with Milan from Hunter and Harris. We cover a range of topics to give you the paddle expert guide to finding the perfect paddle for you. From the different types of paddle shapes to the correct length, to types of wood and how to maintain your paddle over the long run - Milan will guide you through everything you need to know about your perfect paddle and how to maintain it. The paddle is debatably one of your most important pieces of equipment taking us from launch and back. We hope you take this information with you and apply it to your paddle rituals going forward. Enjoy and have a great week folks! You can find out more about Hunter and Harris here: Website: https://hunterandharris.com/ Paddles: https://hunterandharris.com/collections/paddles Instagram: https://instagram.com/hunterandharris?igshid=7kaopdv6789s

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