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E-VET: A New Take on Veterinary Emergency Training

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Emergency Veterinary Medicine: the thrilling field of medicine that many veterinary graduates are drawn to – so why are so many veterinarians leaving, or not going into ER at all? Low pay, burnout, the daunting task of proving yourself, the stress of the match system; there's many aspects of traditional emergency internships that just don't seem worth it. Two emergency veterinarians from Massachusetts are challenging the standard emergency training methods and expectations and building a new path for new grads with the E-VET Training Program.

Join Dr. Vernaleken & Dr. Renzullo as they talk with Annie Wayne, DVM, MPH, DACVECC and Ali Pivoda, BVMS about how E-VET is bringing wellness and competency-focused training back into veterinary emergency training programs. And: why should you consider a career in ER? What does a day in a veterinary ER look like? 

To learn more about E-VET or to apply, click here.

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