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Spotlight: Soil Capital on carbon payments for regenerative agriculture

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Soil Capital’s Andrew Voysey describes Europe’s first certified carbon payment programme for farmers, which places value on the way food is produced by rewarding regenerative practices.

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  • The Food Fight podcast

    Spotlight: Phytolon on natural food colours


    Tal Zeltzer, Co-founder and CTO of Phytolon, describes their technology which is producing sustainable, high-quality natural food colours
  • The Food Fight podcast

    Making better choices: how to achieve the ideal diet


    The modern western diet is making us and our planet sick. Matt and Lukxmi are joined by Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, founder and executive chair of the EAT Forum, and Anjli Vyas, food and impact lead at Planet Nourish, to discuss where it all went wrong and what an ideal diet looks like for all of us.
  • The Food Fight podcast

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  • The Food Fight podcast

    The future of food with EIT Foods FutureFoodMakers


    Join Matt backstage at the Future of Food conference where he gets the lowdown from EIT Food FutureFoodMakers Sasha Cohen Ioannides, Chloé Dorin and Emilija Oreščanin. Find out their thoughts on future-proofing the food system and how they developed the highly anticipated Menu for Change.
  • The Food Fight podcast

    Naturally Meaty Meat Alternatives


    How do we convince people to switch from steak to healthier, more sustainable meat alternatives? Could the answer be a meatier taste and texture? Matt Eastland is joined by author and podcaster Paul Shapiro (CEO of The Better Meat Co.) and biologist and food entrepreneur Alison Stille (Co-founder and CEO of Walding Foods) to get their thoughts on the alternative meat market and how the industry can influence further change.
  • The Food Fight podcast

    Spotlight: OneThird on predicting food shelf life


    Marco Snikkers, CEO and Founder of OneThird, describes how they are preventing food waste with their AI scanner which can determine the true shelf life of fresh produce.
  • The Food Fight podcast

    UNFSS ‘Good Food For All’ Competition Winners: Part 2


    Matt is joined by EIT Food’s Strategic Relationship Manager, Barbaros Corekoglu, to celebrate the small business entrepreneurs who are transforming their food systems for a better tomorrow. These innovators are all winners of the recent UN Food Systems Summit ‘Good Food For All’ competition. In part 2, you will hear about farming and agricultural innovations including solar powered cold rooms, pay as you use solar energy for farmers, saltwater-based agriculture and super chickpeas.
  • The Food Fight podcast

    Spotlight: Pure Algae on sustainable seaweed cultivation and carbon capture


    Esben Christiansen, CEO and Founder of Pure Algae, highlights how they using their technology to add value to land-based aquaculture systems
  • The Food Fight podcast

    Tackling food inequality: nourishing the body, nourishing the brain and supporting society


    What do we need to do to stop food inequality, and ensure everyone everywhere has access to nutritious food? Matt is joined by Co-ordinator of the Scaling up Nutrition Movement (SUN Movement), Gerda Verburg and Senior Regional Project Manager from Feedback Global, Lucy Antal. They discuss food poverty, how it is interconnected with sustainable development, and how we all have a role to play in preventing people from going to bed hungry.
  • The Food Fight podcast

    Spotlight: SuSea on reducing seafood waste


    Mark Chryssolouris, CEO at SuSea, highlights their technology to reduce food waste which is increasing the shelf life of seafood
  • The Food Fight podcast

    Food loss in farming: the invisible threat to sustainability


    Around 40% of the food we grow goes uneaten. This is one of the findings from the “Driven to Waste” report published by the World Wildlife Fund and Tesco. So what can we do to reduce the huge amounts of food loss occurring before it reaches our supermarket shelves, and limit the environmental impact of agriculture? Pete Pearson, a senior Food Waste director at WWF joins Matt to discuss the findings of the new report, that uses data to quantify and highlight loss occurring in the supply chain. He is also joined by Emilie Vanpoperinghe, the Co-Founder of Oddbox a food waste startup delivering wonky fruit and vegetables from farmers to consumers across the UK.

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