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Jackie Schlerf

Helping teenage girls to see their worth, find hope, discover their potential and know they aren't alone when going through difficult times.

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  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 71- How My Daughter Was Trafficked Without Me Knowing with Lynda Harlos


    Lynda Harlos' website says, "Did you know that majority of human trafficking happening in our area is involving our children, living in homes like yours, and we don't even know? Human Trafficking is not typically like that movie 'Taken', or other movies that show little kids being kidnapped, thrown in a van and then confined to a room and sold. It is our sons and daughters being sold a dream and they are quite often involved while still living at home." "It is time to debunk the myths about human trafficking. If you think this doesn't happen to tight-knit, suburban, faith based families, you are wrong." Lynda's own daughter, Samantha, was being trafficked by her boyfriend. Lynda had a close relationship with her daughter. They talked regularly and would get together on weekends for coffee- and still she had no idea. Now Lynda and Samantha are speaking out in hopes of saving others from the same tragedy. Listen today on Supergirls Podcast to hear Lynda's side of the story and you can hear it in Samantha's own words at Resources: Ontario Works Victim Services Victim Services Ontario Victim Support Courage for Freedom Living in Community
  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 70- A Few Things We are Doing to Maintain Our Sanity Right Now


    Not Professional Advice, just a few things my family is doing to maintain our sanity amidst all the craziness happening right now. Connect with me on Instagram
  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

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  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 69- Landing Your First Job with Kristin Pancheri


    As the school year is winding down a lot of you might be thinking about finding a summer job. My cousin, Kristin, has lots of experience hiring and employing teens and today she is sharing tips on finding a job, writing a resume (even with no previous work experience), nailing your interview and being a good employee. Connect with Jackie on Instagram
  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 68- Developing More Confidence Through Courage with Kate Swoboda


    Do you have fears that you feel are holding you back? I do! How would you like more confidence or emotional resilience? Yes please! Today Kate Swoboda, author of "The Courage Habit", is talking about how creating courage as a brain based habit can help you overcome your limiting beliefs and live with clarity and confidence. She talks about recognizing common fear patterns and 4 specific behaviors we can start practicing that will help us live with more courage and therefore more confidence. Learn more about her work at Your Courageous Life.  Connect with Kate on Instagram, Facebook Connect with Jackie on Instagram Other sites we talked about
  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 67- Kindess, Small Things Can Make a Big Difference


    Just some simple stories of teens doing small acts of kindness that made a big impact on others. For more stories of kindness check out Tiny Kindnesses and Good News Network Connect with Jackie on Instagram  
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    Episode 66- Making Real Connections with Cami Moss


    Cami Moss is the host of the podcast, Real Connections, where she shares simple ideas that will help you develop the relationships that mean the most. Today Cami is talking with me about why connection is so important and sharing some tips to make it less scary.  Connect with Cami on Instagram Connect with Jackie on Instagram
  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 65 Sexual Abuse (Part 2) Maintaining Healthy Relationships and Setting Appropriate Boundaries with Melyssa Van Lydegraf


    This is the 2nd half of a conversation I had with Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist, Melyssa Van Lydegraf. If you missed the first half of our conversation where she talks about what abuse is and clears up common misconceptions you can find it here . In this episode Melyssa is talking about ways you can protect yourself, how to maintain healthy relationships and setting appropriate boundaries. For more information visit If you need help please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline 800-656-HOPE
  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 64- Sexual Abuse (part 1) with Melyssa Van Lydegraf


    Melyssa Van Lydegraf is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist that helps survivors of sexual abuse. This is the first half of a conversation we had about abuse. In this conversation Melyssa clears up some misconceptions and explains what abuse is. For more information please visit. If you need help please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE Connect with me on Instagram
  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 63- Teenage Entreprenuer MaKayla Prince


    18 year old MaKayla Prince started her first business when she was only 13 years old. In the first 9 months she made her first 6 figures- put into perspective, that is the equivalent of 20,000 hours of babysitting!!! Today MaKayla is sharing her thoughts on success, managing a social life while managing a business, and learning to save money. Find more from MaKayla at Connect with MaKayla on Instagram Connect with Jackie on Instagram
  • Supergirls Podcast podcast

    Episode 62- Creating Habits That Will Help Us Reach Our Goals with Chrystal Hayes


    My friend Chrystal has done a lot of research on habits and today she is talking about steps we can take to help us create good habits and break bad habits. Since habits are what help us reach our goals and our goals determine who we become, it's important to create good ones!

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