StratHack with Sera Holland & Amelia Torode podcast

StratHack with Sera Holland & Amelia Torode

Sera Holland & Amelia Torode

StratHack is a podcast series about marketing strategy, highlighting lessons and learning from new brands and a set of diverse, inspiring business leaders. Brought to you by Sera Holland and Ameila Torode, two award-winning advertising and PR professionals. Sera is the UK Deputy CEO of global communications consultancy Ketchum, Amelia the founder of Fawnbrake, a strategy consultancy. In each episode, Sera and Amelia meet with a company or individual who have inspired them. Together they talk through the strategic decisions and creative choices made along the journey to success and after the interview they draw out the key strategic implications relevant to any brand or business. This is a series designed to shine a light on fresh new business case studies in a way that is always practical to apply and enjoyable to listen to. To get in contact with us about this podcast please email [email protected]. Hosts: Amelia Torode - Founder - Fawnbrake Sera Holland - UK Deputy CEO - Ketchum

10 Episodes