Spiritual healing :) podcast

Pure Expressions of God

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We are Pure Consciousness Expressing itself

  • We are an infinite being experiencing limitations
  • We each came with a set of themes in our lives
  • Every Moment we focus consciousness into a different version

The Mechanism for Consciousness:

  • Each Moment we decide who we are (consciously or subconsciously)
  • Trust in Consistency of the Decision
  • Act in that Direction of decision

Reality Reflects

  • What comes back to you is a reflection of what you put out
  • What you Perceive as something comes back as the feedback from your reality
  • Trust in the Feedback – Negative or Positive
  1. Why is it happening to me? (Victim)
  2. How does it serve me? (Master)
  3. Gratitude for the feedback and allow it to reinforce your decision

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