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What is Eating Disorder Coaching? with Sarah Lee

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In What is Eating Disorder Coaching? Eating Disorder Recovery Coach Sarah Lee shares with us about becoming an eating psychology and eating disorder recovery coach. This super authentic episode will be of much value to women suffering with dieting, disordered eating and eating disorders. It will also be of value to counsellors and therapists who would like to know more about how an eating disorder coach could be of service to their clients.

Sarah also talks about: 

  • Her recovery story from bulimia
  • Giving birth and baby weight
  • Being the 'perfect' weight watcher
  • Why Carolyn Costin sets the bar high for coach training
  • Mothers, daughters and disordered eating - what's the biggest problem?
  • Diet culture
  • FAO therapists - not all coaching is flimsy
  • What type of clients is coaching suitable for?
  • The 10 Phases of Eating Disorder Recovery
  • What do coaches actually do?
  • Eating, food and clothes shopping with clients
  • Meal challenges
  • Finding an eating disorder recovery team
  • Can someone fully recover from an eating disorder?
  • What does it mean to be recovered?
  • Care of the Soul

For the show notes, go to: 

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    Assertiveness for Women with Dr Julie Hanks


    In Assertiveness for Women, Dr Julie Hanks talks about her book, The Assertiveness Guide for Women: How to Communicate Your Needs, Set Healthy Boundaries, and Transform Your Relationships. This episode will be transformative for anyone who has suffered with early childhood trauma (attachment trauma, complex trauma, development trauma) and childhood emotional neglect as well as disordered eating or an eating disorder.  Dr. Julie Hanks, PhD, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist, coach, content creator, author, speaker, owner of Wasatch Family Therapy, and host of the Ask Dr. Julie Hanks podcast. With nearly 30 years experience, Dr. Hanks provides a safe place for healing conversations that educate and empower women to prioritize their dreams, revolutionize their families, and personalize their faith. In Assertiveness for Women, Dr Julie Hanks also talks about What brought her to this work Julie's history as a people pleasing perfectionist What is assertiveness? What causes women to not be assertive? What has attachment got to do with assertiveness? Eating disorders, disordered eating and assertiveness Why is assertiveness so important? Assertiveness, food and feelings Feelings and needs The 5 skills women need to develop to be assertive Trauma, boundaries and assertiveness
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    Psychotherapy 101 with Emma Cameron


    In Psychotherapy 101, my guest Integrative Art Psychotherapist, Emma Cameron, answer all your questions about how psychotherapy works. This episode is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for, or in therapy for complex trauma (CPTSD), developmental trauma and childhood emotional neglect.  Emma is a UKCP registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, AEDP therapist, and artist who lives and works in the U.K. Emma specialises in working online with sensitive, thoughtful women of all ages and all sizes. She helps her clients find new, creative ways to make sense of their anxiety and their other emotions, and to work on healing from painful past experiences. Emma is a strong believer in the power of creativity and the imagination as a part of positive therapeutic change, in online therapy as well as face-to-face. In Psychotherapy 101, Emma talks about: what brought her to this work what we would see if we were a fly on the wall in therapy the types of techniques used in counselling and psychotherapy the kind of people who go to therapy how therapy works attachment 101 and the therapeutic relationship how often people go to therapy and for how long whether it normal to feel attached or even dependent on the therapist how to cope when our therapist is on holidays if it is OK to give our therapist feedback whether therapists really care or perhaps even love their clients  do therapists have their own therapy? If so why? how to know when we are ready to end therapy For the show notes, go to: Join Jodie Gale at  Trauma Warriors™ : Healing, Self-Development & Post Traumatic Growth for Women Facebook Group
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  • Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale podcast

    Do I need a therapist or a coach?


    If you are struggling with early childhood trauma (complex PTSD, CPTSD), childhood emotional neglect, disordered eating or the trance of unworthiness, you may be thinking about seeking support but how do you know if you need a therapist or a coach?  In Do I Need a Therapist or a Coach?, Soul Sessions podcast host Jodie Gale shares about everything you need to know about the difference between therapy and coaching and whether you need a therapist or a coach.  Jodie is a soul-centred, eco-psychosynthesis psychotherapist and mind body eating coach who specialises in early childhood trauma, childhood emotional neglect, disordered eating and the trance of unworthiness. In Do I Need a Therapist or a Coach? Jodie talks about: What do Tony Robbins, Brooke Castillo and Marie Forleo have to do with therapy versus coaching? What is psychotherapy? What is coaching? How does therapy work? How does coaching work? The therapeutic frame The coaching frame What are the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy? What are the benefits of coaching? What training do counsellors and psychotherapists have? What are psychotherapy training requirements? What are coaching training requirements? What are therapist supervision requirements? What are coach supervision requirements? What are counsellor and psychotherapists' personal therapy requirements? What are coaches' personal coaching requirements? What are the different types of therapy? What are the different types of coaching? What are the reasons you might seek a psychotherapist? What are the reasons you might seek a coach? What are the limitations of therapy? What are the limitations of coaching? How do I find a counsellor or psychotherapist? How do I find a coach? This blog post was originally part of my therapist blog challenge from my therapist Facebook group: Therapy Versus Coaching: Should You See a Therapist or a Coach. Connect with Jodie on Social: Trauma Warriors™ Facebook Group for Women The Soul Centre on Facebook Nature Therapy for the Soul on Facebook For the show notes:  
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    Healing From Co-dependency with Sharon Martin


    This episode is sponsored by Trauma Warriors. In Healing from Co-dependency, Licensed Psychotherapist Sharon Martin talks about understanding and healing from codependency. Sharon Martin, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist in San Jose, California, specializing in co-dependency recovery. Sharon writes the blog Conquering Co-dependency for Psychology Today and is the author of "Navigating the Co-dependency Maze", "The CBT Workbook for Perfectionism" and her new book "The Better Boundaries Workbook". In Healing from Codependency, Sharon also talks about: What brought her to this work Co-dependency and the helping professions Girls and self-sacrificing What is co-dependency? What does co-dependency look like? What does co-dependency feel like? Shame and co-dependency What is developmental trauma? Codependency as a coping mechanism The people pleaser and the perfectionist Healing from co-dependency For the show notes, go to:  Subscribe now to discover why women from all around the globe are tuning in to the Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale podcast. Subscribe now and get your Free eBook: 4 Ways to Befriend Your Body Subscribe on iTunes Listen on Podbean Follow The Soul Centre. Healing, Self-Development, Spiritual & Post Traumatic Growth on Facebook  
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    Are You There Buddha? With Pip Harry


    In Are You There Buddha? Author and CBCA winner, Pip Harry talks about coming of age, the mother-daughter relationship, periods and starting high school.  Pip Harry is an Australian children’s author and journalist. Her novel, The Little Wave, won the CBCA 2020 Book of the Year Award for younger readers and the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year. It was shortlisted for the 2020 NSW Premier's Literary Awards. Her young adult novels include I’ll Tell You Mine, Head of the River, and Because of You, shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year Award, Victorian Premier's Literary Award and Queensland Literary Award. Her latest novel is Are You There, Buddha? and she is currently working on a new middle grade novel due for release in 2022.   In Are You There Buddha? Pip also talks about:   How Pip became an author Are you there God, it is me Margaret The 80s: Cleo & Dolly magazines Periods in the 80s Why & when Pip wrote Are You There Buddha? From Playboy to periods: I reread Judy Blume with my tween. She found it perplexing by Pip Harry The mother-daughter relationship The narcissistic mother Motherless daughters, eating disorders Abandonment and lack of attunement Absent mothers How a child feels when the mother abandons the family The May Gibbs Fellowship The step-mother and step-daughter relationship Mindfulness, meditation and Buddha Bee and Buddha The Great Mother and the feminine The noisy world that teenagers are growing up in and finding one's inner self Facebook aware of Instagram’s harmful effect on teenage girls, leak reveals Yumi Stynes, Welcome to Your Period The other relationships in Are You There Buddha? Leon, the perfect role model for boys Talking about climate change Criticism, rejection and the superego Create a period pack of books Dr Lara Owen: Her Blood is Gold Pip's first book in Big W Book face - Are You There Buddha is the perfect cover to create a book face For the show notes, go to:  
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    10 Advantages to Liking Your Body As It Is with Cindy Blank-Edelman


    In 10 Advantages to Liking Your Body As It Is, Gestalt Psychotherapist Cindy Blank-Edelman shares with us about:  Feminism Being radical Body freedom What is Gestalt therapy? The paradoxical theory of change Acceptance & change What is body image? Diet culture, oppression, racism, sexism and misogyny Negative bias and Velcro Negative body image is bad for our health Top 10 advantages to liking your body as it is Freedom tastes better than thin How therapists miss people Dieting and control This episode is for anyone who has suffered with trauma (developmental trauma, complex trauma, childhood trauma, fat trauma), disordered eating, eating disorders and other food, weight and body image concerns.  For the show notes, go to 
  • Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale podcast

    Our Body is the Home for Our Soul


    In Our Body Is The Home For Our Soul, Podcast Host, Trauma & Disordered eating Specialist, Jodie Gale shares about: Feeling at home in our body Our true identity Manifesting soul Diet culture The trance of unworthiness The call of the soul Coming home to our true self For the show notes: 
  • Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale podcast

    Treating Trauma with Somatic and Talk Therapy with Andrea Szasz


    In Treating Trauma with Somatic & Talk Therapy, Psychotherapist Andrea Szasz from Brave Therapy talks about healing the split between somatic and talk therapy. She also talks about:  What brought Andrea to this work? What is attachment? What are the attachment styles? The secure base Fight, flight and freeze Why and how do we bring the body into the room? Emotions, feelings and the body Somatic Therapies: Somatic experiencing, Sensorimotor, Hakomi, Embodied Imagination Trauma informed yoga Emotional regulation Somatic therapy versus talk therapy Healing the split between somatic and talk therapy Healing the split by Nelson Master talk therapists, relationship and attunement Pat Ogden, Bessel van der Kolk, Norman Doidge Bad talk therapy doesn't work Disconnection and connection Psychotherapy wars / Kung Fu wars EMDR and brainspotting Long-term trauma therapy University of Sydney Trauma Informed Psychotherapy The Daring Way Adult Attachment Interview For the show notes, go to: 
  • Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale podcast

    Should I Get the COVID Vaccine? with Dr Tania Gourley


    In Should I Get the COVID Vaccine?, Immunologist Dr. Tania Gourley answers all of your questions about whether you should get vaccinated or not. Dr. Tania Gourley received her Ph.D. in 2002 from the University of Michigan in Microbiology and Immunology. Her post-doctoral training was with Dr. Rafi Ahmed at Emory University, a world leader in immunological responses to viral infection and vaccination. Dr. Gourley's post-doctoral research focussed on the antibody and T cell responses to both viral infection and vaccination including influenza vaccination in immune compromised individuals. Currently, she is working as a Senior Project Coordinator in the Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology/Emory Vaccine Center at the Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Gourley manages research studies on viral immunity including a Covid-19 study which is evaluating the longevity of the immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in infected individuals over a two year period. Dr. Gourley grew up in New Zealand and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, two children, and three dogs. In Should I Get the COVID Vaccine? Dr Gourley and I talk about: Why she became an immunologist Our family history of lock-downs and vaccination Influenza, Tuberculosis and Polio Trauma and the immune system What is a vaccine? How are vaccines developed and tested? Are the vaccines new? Some of the vaccine trials were paused, why? How do the COVID vaccines work? Who should get the COVID vaccine? Who shouldn't get the COVID vaccine? What are the side effects of a COVID vaccine? Are the vaccines safe? Am I playing Russian Roulette if I get the vaccine? What's Andrew Jeremy Wakefield got to do with the COVID anti-vax movement? (Andrew Wakefield was struck off the medical register due to his involvement in the Lancet MMR autism fraud, a 1998 study that falsely claimed a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism). What are the benefits of a COVID vaccine? Myth busting about the COVID vaccine COVID is just like the flu, we should open up and just live with it The COVID vaccines are new and are still in a trial phase – we are all guinea pigs The COVID vaccines could cause infertility The government are really injecting microchips into our arms My immune system is top notch, I eat clean and I have a spiritual practice, my immune system will fight off COVID, I therefore have no need for a mask or the vaccine You can still catch COVID even though you have the vaccine so there is no point in taking it At the end of the World Health Organisation vaccine video series, they say, 'stay safe, stay healthy and stick with science' Why is it important that we stick with the science here and not just opinions? There are a lot of people saying, ‘I’ll just wait and see’ – what is your advice for people who are still hesitant? Personal choice and the anti-vax movement Head to the Show Notes:  for the links mentioned in this episode: The Anti-Vax Conspiracy Vaccines Weren't Rushed Lockdowns, Masks & Conspiracy Theories Cracking COVID The COVID Fertility Issue Pandemics result From the Destruction of Nature How disgraced anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield was embraced by Trump's America The Hill of Hope Sanitorium, Christchurch, NZ Signs of Spiritual Narcissism    
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    What is Health at Every Size?


    In this episode, Disordered Eating, Food, Weight & Body Image Concerns Psychotherapy and Mind Body Image Coach, Jodie Gale shares the HAES Manifesto by Lindo Bacon to help you understand Health at Every Size and how intentional weight loss and dieting can cause harm. 

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