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Reptile Radio has gained some incredible popularity within the reptile industry along with outside the hobby. Reptile Radio's massive listener base combined with some of the most well known herpetologists, reptile keepers and breeders as guests week in and week out, is what has driven Reptile Radio to the success it's had. Five times featured as a top program on Blogtalkradio and consistently ranked in the top 100 shows on Blogtalkradio. Tune in every Saturday night at 12:00am (est) Be sure to check back often for the "Quick Blast" shows during the week.

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    Steven Tillis part II: Blood Pythons, and other sundry endeavors


    We haven't had a blood python show on Reptile Radio in a while, and last week's guest Steven Tillis was kind enough to agree to indulge us in one for this episode. However,  as cool and interesting as those girthy mid-sized beauties are, we won't just be talking bloods. So strap in and enjoy, as we find out what environmental ecology students in Florida with a taste for herpetology actually do when they're not studying for a test at school. There will be Glades talk!
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    Trippin' in Togo... with Steven Tillis of RepTillisHerps


    At some point in the process, dedicated keepers of non-domestic species are likely to wax contemplatively on the environments from which their charges naturally hail. It's pure human nature to ponder such things; as often, part of the fascination of maintaining an exotic species is intertwined with the desire to know more about something foreign to that which we experience in our customary human-centric routines. For most folks, the itch to escape the pedestrian is scratched in the theaters between their ears. In fact, even the most enthusiastic keepers are satiated enough by the accumulation of information gleaned and disseminated by others to feel confident that they can provide appropriate care for their captives without requiring an expedition of globe-trotting proportions. However, there are still some intrepid souls that just can't be bound by the limits of the internet. Here in this group is where we find Steven Tillis of RepTillisHerps. If you've ever dreamed of being able to go to Africa to pick out your next project animal in person from the wilds of one of the wildest places on earth, then don't miss this show! CK promises Steven will bring a little bit of Togo home to your listening device, and that it will be a bug-bite and sunburn-free experience as well.
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    BT and CK... breeding season update and other stuff


    Hello Reptile Radio fans! BT and CK kick off the Fourth of July weekend with a breeding season update. Some cool Ball Python production results, potentially tasty eggs in the incubator, interesting BLBC threads (including a beautiful bicephalic pastel ball python), summer hail in Kentucky, and lots of other bric-a-brac make up this episode. Tune in and check it out, and enjoy a little early summer R&R with the Double R!
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    Boa talk and other herp chatter with Scott Wysocki of SWReptiles


    Hard core Reptile Radio fans know CK's buddy and Ball Python breeding partner extraordinaire Scott Wysocki is into all kinds of reptiles. Recently, Scott has been aquiring some super tasty Boa morphs and really wants to talk about it! Whether you suffer from reptile disfunction, or just need your 'Double R' fix, join CK and Scotto for a good ol' fashioned throwback-style-bs'in-with-the-guys episode of multi-species herp talk right here! 
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    Derek Roddy Talks Marquis Animals and the Allure of Having the Best


    Herp keepers around the world are enamored by the chance to keep and breed outstanding examples of the species that fascinate them. However, there are times when finding an outstanding example becomes the impetus for keeping the species in the first place. Derek Roddy has a world-class collection of some of the finest Blackhead Pythons in captivity. Here in the US, his name is synonymous with Blackheads of the highest caliber outside of Australia, their native land. Yet lately, Derek has been drawn into the realm of live-bearing Boids as well... a place he hasn't been in many years... captivated by the chance to acquire outstanding examples of both Dumeril's and Brazilian Rainbow Boas. CK finds Mr. Roddy looking for a mate worthy of his amazing Dumeril boa, and with his Brazilians already twisting their tails. Tune in to see what Derek has to say about his hot new passions, and maybe you'll get inspired to find your own perfect specimen out there!

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