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Ep 141: Carb Cycling to Fast Track Your Physique and Performance

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Are you looking to fast track your physique and performance?

If so, then carb cycling may be a great nutritional strategy for you.

Personally, it’s what I’ve had the most success with and it’s worked like magic for many of our clients here at Rebel.

What I love about the carb cycling strategy is that it creates an appropriate physiological match between your input (food coming in) and your output (energy you expend).

The downside though is that I see many people who 1) still have no idea what carb cycling is 2) don’t know how it works and 3) don’t know how to implement it successfully in real life…

Which is why on the podcast today we are going to break down carb cycling for you.

Here’s a small taste of what you can expect to learn

  1. What is carb cycling?
  2. What’s the difference between carbs and fats as a fuel source?
  3. Why do you want more carbs and less fat when you train?
  4. Why do you want more fat and less carbs when you take a day off?
  5. How and why does carb cycling work?
  6. How to use carbs to power your performance and fats to get lean
  7. How to implement carb cycling in your life
  8. And much, much more…

Listen in to discover when and how carb cycling can help you fast track your physique and performance 👇

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