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Navy Seal + NCAA Lacrosse Champion + Hollywood Actor - CDR Rorke Denver

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On this podcast we had the pleasure to speak with Navy Seal Commander, Rorke Denver. Rorke is a neighbor of mine in Colorado and we have gotten to know each other over the past few years. We both love dipping in cold creeks and have done so down the canyon in Cleark Creek. Rorke is a dynamo! An NCAA national champion lacrosse player at Syracuse, and defensive All American. We talk about getting into lacrosse by accident, choosing Syracuse, and nature vs. nurture. We then delve into the Navy Seals selection process and how to make it through. His famous team mates David Goggins and Jocko Willink are discussed as well as playing a Navy Seal in a Hollywood movie. Rorke knows how to tell a good story and has some great insight on playing sports at a high level, and being a part of an elite US special forces unit.

What You Will Learn:
[2:10] Why Rorke chose Syracuse University.
[4:51] Natural athleticism and how he got so good at sports.
[7:30] Nature vs. Nurture
[9:27] Joining the Navy
[11:53] Process for joining the Navy Seals
[13:50] OCS - becoming and officer then a Navy Seal
[15:07] Weeding out candidates during BUDS
[18:21] Can anyone make it in the SEALS program?
[23:00] Trauma – Is it necessary?
[26:06] What kind of job instills GRIT?
[32:31] Serving w/ David Goggins
[34:42] Serving w/ Jocko Willink
[36:04] What makes the US special forces the best in the world?
[38:31] Energy in warzones

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