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Post to Post Wrestling


A pro-wrestling speculation and humor podcast brought to you by Drummer John and the Brothers of Discussion. We discuss, predict, and poke fun at many goings on in the current world of pro-wrestling. Follow us on Twitter: @post_wrestling

100 Episodes

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    Jewels, Climaxes and Rampaging Ratings!!


    This week the crew dives into all the kerfuffle that was the ratings "war" last week. The strange promotional vitriol, and where it could lead. We also dip back into G1 for some updates, but most of all we talk about, although a touch tardy to beat the premier, the perennial odd ball the is Crown Jewel.  If youve watched it already listen to our ideas and tell us how wrong we may be, and if not, listen and see how well we might do!!   Either way hit us up via email or socials!! Remember to like and subscribe on any platform! email: Facebook: @post2post_wrestling Twitter: @post_wrestling Insta: @post2post_podcast
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    G&P present: This Old Prediction(s)


    The Brothers dive into the world post Forbidden door opening!  Given the bristles arising between AEW and the WWE we dial in quite a few possibilities of what to come. We talk about the legendary Minoru Suzuki and where he has been popping up as of late. We also dive into the work of all of the various AEW talent and such popping up all over the place!! Also updates on G! and where it could go from here!   Give us a follow on all the out lets and shoot us an email! We want to hear from you!!   Facebook: @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_podcast Twitter: @post_wrestling Email:
  • Post to Post Wrestling podcast

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  • Post to Post Wrestling podcast

    The Darkside of Dynamite and Draft Talk aka G-diddy and the Pickle


    The Brothers are back in ACTION!! Weatheman was watching baseball so he couldnt join in, but look out for him to pop by some more in the future! Anywho, this week we talk WWE Draft, Dynamite, G1, a smidgen of Impact, and Darkside of the Ring. We throw out some hot takes, piss on booking decisions, and get hyped about things to come! Tune in and ENJOY!!! Follow us everywhere!! FB: @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_podcast Twitter: @post_wrestling
  • Post to Post Wrestling podcast

    Friday Night Spoilers and What could be next?


    Its Will and the Weatherman again on this episode and it seems like the honeymoon period with AEW and Weatherman may be coming to an end. He dishes out his forecast of how things seem to be going and what could fix it, while we both discuss the piss poor wrestling to promo/ vignette ratio of the WWE; both in regular programming and PPVs. Also some NJPW updates and just some good fun wrestle chats. Give it a listen and then give us a follow on the socials FB: @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_podcast Twitter: @post_wrestling
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    Bookings and Forecasts with the Weatherman!!!


    With Grayson traveling, I had to call in reinforcements this week! Weatherman and I talk about all things AEW and WWE over the past week, and by GOD he has positive things to say!! We delicately maneuver through some sticky topics and just generally have a great time talking wrestling! Tune in!! We are on all the major platforms! Follow us on FB - @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_podcast Twitter: @post_wrestling
  • Post to Post Wrestling podcast

    Short, Sweet, and Extra Colorful


    This week the Brothers talk the NXT rebrand, Big E cashing in, Adam Cole possibilities, and what could be in the wings for Bryan Danielson! There is so so much more speculation and recapping in store, but those are some juicy tidbits to expect!! Give us a listen! Follow on the socials  FB: @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_podcast Twitter: @post_wrestling
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    The Fall Out from All Out!...We mean that in a good way, like the games


    HOLY SHIT WHAT A SHOW!! All Out has come and gone, but we are still riding HIGH here at Post to Post! On this episode the B.o.D. go over the All Out Card, match by match. We give our opinions, talk about specific moments and what we think could happen moving forward. We also talk about what could come of these amazing debuts and where it could lead the world of ProWrestling!! Let us not forget that we will also hit a little NJPW, and WWE news as well. Tune in and enjoy! Remember to like and subscribe with your favorite PODCAST pusher! Also give us a follow and some feed back on the socials: FB: @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_podcast Twitter:@post_wrestling
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    This week the boys talk ALL OUT!! We make predictions on what could come about, argue a bit and finally settle on some good thoughts. We also talk about some movings and shakings in the world of WWE. Reflect on Empowerrr and 73. as well as make some fine predictions on NJPWS WrestleGrandslam!! Join us wont you! Follow us everywhere and on socials  FB: @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_podcast Twitter: @post_wrestling
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    Like AEW we are on the trek to the next Milestone


    Damn, anyone else still riding high on that 100th episode? We sure are, and we hope to get the old gang together again sometime soon! Well, lets just say that the wrestling world is riding as high as we are because we had the much wished for return of CM PUNK!!! We talk that, the oddity that was SummerSlam, Takeover, movings and shakings around the business, and really get into some possible storyline predictions. JOIN US!! Give us a follow everywhere you find you podcasts and on the socials FB: @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_pod Twitter: @post_wrestling
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    The P2P 100th GONE WILD CUT!!


    Here it is everyone the damn WILD CUT!! The 100th episode of Post to Post! We had the whole gang back, sans Weatherman (he had work), but the Wild one, Wes, himself, Drummer John, Chappel, and damn Falcon all joined in on the episode! However in this edition enjoy and see if you candle handle even more WILDNESS!! Enjoy as we cram some wrestling talk and Summer Slam predictions in with a shitload of humor, hot takes, and in-jokes!! Enjoy!   Give us a follow and all that on the various socials: FB: @post2post_wrestling IG: @post2post_pod Twitter: @post_wrestling

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