More Than Sex with Dr. Tiffany "K." podcast

More Than Sex with Dr. Tiffany "K."

Dr. Tiffany K., Ed.D., C.H.S.E.

Welcome to the “More Than Sex” podcast with Dr. Tiffany "K.", Ed.D., Certified Holistic Sex Educator & Intimacy Consultant. This sexceptional podcast brings together enlightening topics from the fields of sexology and pleasure. From a scholar’s perspective, I’ll take you on a journey through the world of sex by examining historical, literary, and scientific contexts as well as the psychology that drives our desires. I am a firm believer in radical self-love and that pleasure has the ability to heal us from the inside out. Knowledge is power and I’m here to empower each of you to live your best life with pleasure as a driving force. So, if you are ready to drive deep into the ever-expanding library of sex ed, grab your notebook and take a seat. Class is about to begin.

2 Episodes