Moods and Medicine podcast

Moods and Medicine

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4 Episodes

  • Moods and Medicine podcast

    PTSD – When Your Past is Your Present


    Dr. Charles Hodges, MD. examines the definition and characteristics of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, gives descriptions of the symptoms and suffering, and offers biblical hope in dealing with tramautic past experiences. 
  • Moods and Medicine podcast

    The Problems of Pain Medicine


    Is it okay for Christians to use pain medicine? How much is too much? How do you know if you are addicted? Dr. Charles Hodges, MD. discusses what the Bible has to say about struggling with physical pain and the use of medication to treat it.
  • Moods and Medicine podcast

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  • Moods and Medicine podcast

    Good Mood Bad Mood – Help for Depression


    Dr. Charles Hodges, MD., examines the role that hope plays in dealing with depression, the difficulty of finding an accurate diagnosis, the role sadness plays in what is often labeled depression, and how the bipolar and repression diagnoses overlap.
  • Moods and Medicine podcast

    Good Mood Bad Mood – Help for Bipolar Disorder


    Dr. Charles Hodges, MD. examines the nuances of bipolar diagnoses, the key components of the current diagnostic procedure, and explores how medicine and biblical counsel play a role in helping those who struggle with bipolar disorder. 

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