Longings (WP16) podcast

Longings (WP16)


The 2016 Women’s Pre-Conference was entitled “Longings.” This event featured speakers Elyse Fitzpatrick, Martha Peace, and Caroline Newheiser.

3 Episodes

  • Longings (WP16) podcast

    Longing to Be Noticed


    Longing to be noticed is really about your heart. Immodesty and sensuality are manifestations of sinful inner thoughts and desires. This workshop discusses how we should long to please God and be modest and discrete, and ends with practical tips on how.
  • Longings (WP16) podcast

    Longing for Relationships


    We have all been created within the context of relationship: relationships with one another and relationship with God. But sin entered our world, damaging and even breaking relationships. The goal of this workshop is putting our relationships back into proper perspective.
  • Longings (WP16) podcast

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  • Longings (WP16) podcast

    Longing for an Identity


    From the moment Eve chose to go her own way, women have sought out a myriad of identities, continuing to weave fig leaf cover-ups that fail to satisfy. Where can women find a lasting identity that will satisfy the deep need for relationship with a loving, welcoming Father?

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