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023 - The One With Emily and Jade

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Trigger Warning:  This episode covers themes of infertility and domestic abuse.


On last week's episode, you will have heard from Jade Stoner towards the end of the show, sharing a story about someone who was unable to conceive but who then left their abusive relationship and was able to conceive with her next partner.  Jade shared how this lady believed something or someone had been looking out for her to ensure she didn't have children with the wrong partner.


This was a coversation we had on one of our regular group podcast recordings and also on the call that day was Emiliy Butler - my good friend and right hand wing woman.  Emily is an amazing Event Strategist and Retreat Planner and works with Spiritual business owners to help them bring their event visions to life.  But Emily has also faced her own personal challenges and the story that Jade was sharing caused Emily to feel deeply triggered.  But then on the other side of that, she was able to find a powerful reframe and she had a really beautiful realisation that she shared with me later that day.


I wanted to bring Jade and Emily together to continue the conversation because I felt it was important to show all aspects.  This isn't a podcast where we just share inspiring stories and leave out the dark corners.  This is where we shine a light into those corners so we can all grow and move forward.  Also, I thought that if Emily had been triggered, then it was highly likely others may have been too and I wanted those people to know that their feelings are valid and get to be acknowledged.


This was a powerful conversation and one I feel so honoured to have been a part of.  I really hope you love it too.


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Featured on this episode:


Lilli Badcock - Sound Reiki Master, Professional Singer and founder of Sing To Heal Ltd.

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Jade Stoner - Spiritual Life Coach

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Emily Butler - Event Strategist and Retreat Planner

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