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021 - When What You Want Looks Like It Can't Happen

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Trigger Warning:  This episode touches on themes around infertility and being Transgender.


I am so proud of this episode!  There aren't enough REAL conversations being had in the spiritual and self-development spaces.  It seems totally saturated with happy happy joy joy chats about how magical everything is and how we can all have what we want if we just dream hard enough.

But what about the people who are facing very real circumstances which make it feel almost impossible for them to dream?

I am the biggest fan of miracles and transformation against all odds, but I'm an even bigger fan of finding peace with where we are and not always feeling like we have to chase the perfection that seems to be so celebrated in the online space.

I truly hope you love this conversation and as always I would love to hear from you!  

Joining me on the conversation this week is Michelle Akaras with references from Sabrina Piergrossi who was commenting live in the chat box at the time.

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Featured on this episode:


Lilli Badcock - Sound Reiki Master, Professional Singer and founder of Sing To Heal Ltd.

Connect with Lilli here!


Michelle Akaras - Spiritual Teacher

Connect with Michelle here!


Sabrine Piergrossi - Counselling and Energy Psychologist and Shamanic Healer

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