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019 - You Just Don't Want It Enough!

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You Just Don't Want It Enough!


How many times have you heard that being said in the online space?  I've witnessed this multiple times in various groups and communities that were set up to help people master certain spiritual principals or concepts.  I've seen it used most around the topic of manifestation and so often used as a way to shut down any conversations that threaten to question whether or not the method works.


Not only is that a shitty thing to do, but it also dilutes the impact these concepts get to have when taught in full integrity and by people who have truly embodied and mastered what they are teaching.


Joining me on the conversation this week is Laura Anne Renwick and Sabrina Piergrossi, both of whom drop beautiful wisdom and insight based on their vast experience.


I really do feel so incredibly blessed to be part of this community!


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Featured on this episode:


Lilli Badcock - Sound Reiki Master, Professional Singer and founder of Sing To Heal.


Connect with Lilli here!


Laura Anne Renwick - Creative Soul Guide, Artist, Intuitive and Writer


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Sabrina Piergrossi - Counselling and Energy Psychologist and Shamanic Healer


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