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018 - LIVE MASTERCLASS with Katie Helliwell: Strengthening Your Connection To Spirit

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Celebrity Psychic Medium and founder of Psychic Skook, Katie Helliwell delivers a powerful presentation around how we can all strengthen our connection to Spirit.


Katie talks about the simple process we can all follow to connect in to our own personal spirit guides.  We learned that the guidance isn't always what we might expect or even want and I loved her personal story of how she asked for guidance around what she should be doing with her work, received a telephone call asking to work with her, and then continued to ask for the guidance!  Ha ha!  Very relatable!


Katie also delved into what to do when you feel like it's not working.  When you ask for guidance and don't get it, or when you get it but not to the full extent of what you asked for.


In summary, Katie delivered a beautiful reminder that miracles are happening all around us.  We just need to learn how to see them!


You can connect with Katie here:  https://katiehelliwellpsychicmedium.com

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